Pankration: Greek Martial Art Style

Published: 08th May 2020
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If you wish to be able to look after yourself if you're ever attacked, you must have knowledge of fighting strategies. Pankration helps achieve such skills through teaching the various ranges of combat and their corresponding tactics for successful self-defense. Pankration is not a new style of martial art. This Greek system of combat and self-defense has been around for thousands of years, but it had become a lost art when the ancient Greek civilization fell. Nevertheless, in the 1970s, Pankration was rediscovered and many martial artists started promoting this style of martial art looking to preserve its legacy. Nowadays, more and more people are looking closer at what Pankration offers as it is much like the current popular system of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

It was in the 648 B.C. Olympic Games that Pankration made its very first appearance. Basically, it was an art that combined all different kinds of boxing and striking and wrestling. Back then Pankration was a sport, but it was taught to the Greek soldiers back then too. Nowadays, there are lots of martial artists who practice Pankration for competitive pursuits. Nevertheless, they do recognize its value for self-defense. It makes for a great self-defense art because it deals with many facets of combat. For its striking facet, Pankration involves boxing, kickboxing, and close-quarter elbow and knee techniques. The wrestling aspect is intended to address standing and ground grappling. For standing grappling, you'll find throws and take-downs, while ground grappling consists of escapes, pins, and submissions.

Pankration enables you to learn a comprehensive approach to fighting, making sure that you can get accustomed to many fighting scenarios. One of the most awful things that can happen to a fighter is to be taken out of his element. One typical example is a boxer taken to the ground by his foe and he doesn't have any way of making use of his striking tactics. He is now involved in a wrestling fight and he is unable to wrestle. A person in serious need of safeguarding himself or herself mustn't have weak spots in self-defense techniques because of the seriousness of the situation. By learning Pankration, it's possible to have a good knowledge of the many fighting techniques, ensuring an extremely formidable self-defense system.

What is great about this approach is that you lessen your chances of becoming exhausted while you're defending yourself. It's because striking tactics requires different muscle performance and stamina than grappling. If you have both striking and grappling skills, you've got better overall conditioning and this will enable you to perform at your peak even when the fighting situation changes. Also, what's best about Pankration is that when you learn it, your approach to fighting will be a lot more offensive and intense. Several self-defense systems are passive and reactive which is hardly ever the correct way to deal with an aggressive and dangerous opponent.

Many martial art practitioners look at Pankration as one of the best self-defense fighting systems today. It may be an ancient fight style, but its tactics may be used and made into a powerful self-defense art.

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