Paying for Your Traffic

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Paying For Traffic Is Imperative

You constantly hear about businesses doing great on the internet. The thing is, there are a ten to maybe 100
stories that contradict this. Many internet business have been started but have not been successful, only
a few have been successful.

It is doubtful that the successful businesses were due to good luck. Applying great business sense
and team work made it happen. More likely, it is the determination to learn the business,
investing funds and some hard work.

The Basics

The key is traffic. All your efforts are wasted without traffic. A business needs customers,
you can't sell your products without them. The customer is key in an internet business.
You need more people traffic to buy your products. Just like any business, not everyone
that goes to your business is going to buy, but with a greater number that come in to check out your
products, a greater number will buy. This is a simple law of percentages. So how do we get traffic.
We want a lot of traffic so the percentage of buyers will be high enough to make our business a success.
Big companies have enough traffic in a day so that a small ten to fifteen percent that buys is enough to
make the business successful, but we need a higher percentage to be successful. Some success in getting
traffic can be made by paying to generate it. That means you need to spend money on advertising to
make money. We need to get more people to know about our website; if they know about it they will come.
There are many ways where you can get free advertising, usually though these do not generate as high a
volume as other paid methods. Paid advertisements usually include advertising with Google and Yahoo.

Internet Search Value

Using a search engine like Google or Yahoo is the easiest and fastest way for someone to find what they
want on the internet. Search engines are free and easy to use. They are very popular get many people to
click to the most common sites. So it just makes sense to advertise with Google and Yahoo. Every day millions
of users get the information they are looking for using the links provided by these search engines. A search
will provide a results list. Sometimes there are many pages to these results. We want our website to rank at
the top of this list so we have a better chance that the user will click on our site. A low cost way to get a
website a high rank is using search engine optimization, but paying for advertising will ensure your website
has a high rank. So paying for advertising is like paying for more traffic. At first this sounds counter
productive, but this method has proven to show good results. Paying for traffic has proven over and over
to increase traffic flow to your website. Increased traffic will always provide a good sales day.

Paid Traffic

How are you usually charged? The pay per click method is determined by the number of hits a link
gets when your ad is clicked. Another search engine may charge by the number of times your
ad appears when a keyword or keyword phase is searched. So it is important that your ad keywords have
good content. There are several tools that will aid you in finding good keywords for your ad.

Paying for traffic is not a waste. You will get a great boost in traffic which will result in
more sales. Bottom line sales is what we want and therefore traffic is imperative.

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