Paying MCD House Tax (Delhi) Made Easy!

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Published: 06th February 2017
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For majority of the homeowners in Delhi, paying the MCD property tax is a difficult tax. Many of us are even unaware of the normal property jargon and the process to be followed in clearing their property tax dues.
To make the matters simple we have drafted a quick guide that would help you out in paying your dues in a easily. Here it goes.
Understanding MCD Tax
MCD Tax is the main source of revenue for the municipal body of the territory, to upkeep basic civil services. It can basically be calculated in three ways. It could be named as the Annual Rental Value, Capital Value system and Unit area system. The MCD follows the unit area system and it is the only method recommended by the Government of India. In this methodology, tax in real estate Delhi is calculated on the basis of built up area, category( decided on the basis of the location of your house), property type ( whether it is commercial, residential, institutional or industrial)
Who needs to pay the property tax?
All home owners need to self assess the property and pay the property tax accordingly. MCD does not send any notice on defaulting payments, so you need to be careful yourself as the MCD can put legal charges later. Other than that paying your dues on time makes you a better prospect if you plan to resell the property later.
How to calculate your property tax?
Calculating the tax on one's property is easy and the MCD offers you two ways in doing so. They are as follows.
1) Online: You can login to the website of MCD. They have provided a step by step instruction system to help you access your tax and pay it accordingly. You can also find a video elaborating the same process.
2)Apart from online you can also visit the property tax office to pay your dues and check your payment status.
Other than these two methods you can also pay through cheque or DD payable at selected HDFC Bank or Axis Bank centers. If your property tax forms an upper limit of Rs 5000 you can also pay through the tax collecting offices in the city or the ITZ counters.
If you don't pay your tax on time then you are liable of either 7 years of imprisonment, attachment of bank accounts or movable and immovable properties or fine up to 50 percent of the net value of your property in Delhi.
I hope you would be very much clear on paying MCD taxes from now. In case you still have a query, you can post it in the comment box below.

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