Perhaps the Best New Artist in Hip Hop - Jaydis Crete

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Published: 17th August 2015
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Paying attention to the heart of a best new artist is how the substance follows while listening to any kind of song. As the heart rarely lies, it shows you the true soul-reflecting a vast spectrum of an individual's views & consciences in several styles.

Among the numerous popular musical mainstreams, hip-hop or rap has upheld its dominating force within modern-day music traditions. When many of us perceive hip-hop music, what we experience is the artist's worldview opinions, sense of ideas, and ethics from the inside of the heart.

In fact, hip-hop artists are poets who perform spoken poetry by the flow of any beat. So, let's start with an eminent artist-the best new artist in hip-hop-‘Jaydis Crete'!

Jaydis Crete may well not yet be a Grammy Awards Best New Artist nevertheless he is certainly an excellent performer with a relatively personalized approach - constructing music from the heart with an extraordinary charisma. Standing out from so many rap stories you may well discover, Jaydis won't tell you about his criminal life. He won't let you know about his hurdles with the law and about his tough days out on the streets. He proudly gives a true image of his earlier childhood days; which he defines his experiences to be an eminent best new artist as "growing up sheltered, for the most part".

Being a half American and one-half Jamaican, Jaydis & his cultural foundation reflects on his grooves, and it is thrilling itself that truly seizes the spirit of his vibrant hometown, New York City, among the busiest and most culturally prosperous cities worldwide, and a true benchmark for anyone who is in love with music.

The beautiful & extremely electrifying New York Scene is certainly not the only real source of motivation for this distinguished best new artist; music undeniably runs in his family. By the late 1990s, Jaydis's older sister was signed with Warner Bros, total giant amongst the primary record labels on a world wide scale. Noticing her write bars and lyrics, page after page, Jaydis knew that he wanted in too and wanted to be part of that thrilling world, explore himself and adhere to his heart and his passion.

Keeping up with the complex status for his city & delivering his own blend of hip hop, soul and funk, with an old school feel, Jaydis's track reach the listener with a feel that falls somewhere in between the sound of old school hip hop, with amazing analog beat and minimal sync arrangements - additionally, the focus, power, and appeal of the most innovative production standards in the genre. Such attributes are usually accredited to the best new artist of today's hip hop period - Jaydis Crete.

The lyrical flow of this growing best new artist is the star, climbing the back of tracks to the top and introducing an original tone that could change from calm to live, from aggressive to chill out in just a matter of some bars. This notable vocal variety and rap skillsets are probably the key weapons within his arsenal, which put him on the list of Best New Artists 2013 group.
Along with own brand of lyrical approach, Jaydis set out to present heart-felt, conscious and accomplished wording that still seem to stay very simple and direct, even fascinating to those listeners who are not really keen on getting lost in the material.
This young "best new artist" can really establish this amazing connection through his records, as showcased on his release "Parachute". Jaydis and his eclectic trademark style take hip hop on different perspectives; with tracks that delve into different emotions; from club bangers to smooth vibes.

‘Jaydis Crete' is actually focusing on a follow up of his "Parachute" release, starting precisely from where he left off. "Parachute II" will add volume to and improve on the 2011 first installment of the project, bringing much more to the table.

It is an incredible honor to be deemed the best new artist in today's hip hop world. How can you get going on becoming the best in the business? Find out how to become the best new artist and perhaps the next big thing in hip hop history!

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