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Published: 05th February 2017
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I had a client show me PHG Trading. They have developed a software program with an inbuilt strategy to trade on the value of gold.

I'd never done anything like this before but after looking into PHG Trading I decided to start trading.

The system was downloaded to my PC, I opened an FXCM account and depsoited my trading money.

Once the funds cleared I was walked through activating the autotrader for the first time. The first time involves inputting your security paramters which the system uses to place its trades, after this has been done it takes just four clicks of the mouse to turn the system on to the automatic trading function, so it's easy enough for anyone.

I've been implementing the automatic trading function for over a year and my worst performing month was only a three percent return and my biggest profit so far has been 23% so you can see there can be a big difference month by month. Of all the trades that were executed over the year 78.63% ended up positive outcome. Something I consider important is to compound your profits (and keep reinvesting them) because 3% is far more on $30k than it is on 3 grand.

You can read my full report one my site by clicking here.

Although there are plenty of upsides to using the PHG Trading gold automatic startegy I also experienced a few down sides.

The compatibilty isn't great for a technology product in this day and age. The software can't be downloaded onto an ipad. You can check your current balance using an ipad but the program needs to be going on a computer or laptop for it to execute the opportunities as they arise. With all the publicity of the cloud you'd think software should operate on all types of devices.

The PHG Trading software needs a constant internet connection so that it can analyse the value of gold and place trades as the startegy see's fit. WiFi connection simply aren't suitable for somthing that requires a constant internet connection to run profitably. Wifi can unfortunately drop out more regularly than you would think.

The PHG Trading program isn't going to show you how to earn an income from the gold market because it does it all completely on its own. If you desire to learn how to make money the gold market then unfortunately this isn't right for you. It's not a teacher it's a trader.

For more please take the time to read my PHG Trading review website by clicking on this link.

PHG Trading are an Australian company based in Melbourne. They specialize in software coding for investment programs. My review is after i have used their programs for a year and have made genuine profits.

I am an accountant by profession and have managed my own investments for a number of years.

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