Photo taking tips: How to Reduce Glare from Eyeglasses

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Published: 25th November 2014
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Summer means itís time for some fun in the sun! Itís the best opportunity to take lots of memory-saving photos at the pool, beach, or out with friends. Learn some tips and tricks for taking the best photos!

These days so many people have become photo-fanatics due to social media options like facebook and instagram; itís common for friends and family to have a plethora of albums all meant to memorialize the happiest and craziest times in our lives. Anyone who has been wearing eyeglasses for most of their lives has suffered through the dilemma of taking photos knowing that the glasses theyíre wearing will have a glare on their lenses. If youíre like me, youíve also been known to give up and take off your glasses just to avoid the glare that happens when the flash goes off and not being able to see when the photographer takes the photo. There are a few tips that can help you keep your frames on and take a great photo thatís worth posting.

When buying glasses, try not to focus on finding a pair of eyeglasses that will look good just for a photo op. Instead buy a frame that looks good on you - all the time. Your level of confidence will shine through while wearing them. Make sure that you choose to have an anti-reflective glare coating applied to your eyeglass lenses - you wonít regret it! The coating will help lessen and reduce any unwanted light from the area on and around your lenses. In most cases it works like a dream. You could also ask the person whoís wearing glasses in the photo to tilt their head slightly to the side - the angle prevents the glare from showing and is usually a foolproof method of reducing glare.

During the summer months, most of your friends and family should be wearing sunglasses outside to shield those harmful UV rays. This seems like a give-in but itís surprising to know how many people will forget to protect their eyes from the sun. If you decide to wear sunglasses, then know that sunglasses work amazingly well in making your most favorite images. With so many filters and apps to change the look of photos, you might create some very cool, vintage and artistic ones.

Taking photographs in a controlled setting will allow you to adjust the light or level of the camera ensuring that youíll create the most flattering photos. Either raising the camera or raising the light, will reduce the glare focused on the person or people wearing eyeglasses. Another trick is to put the person in a lower position. Sitting as opposed to standing, or by tilting the personís head.

If you are ever at a professional photography session, then your photographer will know to use a polarizing filter or bounce flash, as well as a neutral backdrop. All of these conditions will help. If all else fails, try try again! Remember that we live in a digital world and so take as many pics as you want until you find that perfect one. Your glasses are a part of who you are and when taken the right way, any photograph should and will reflect that. Enjoy making those memories but donít forget that something as simple as an eyeglass coating will help make those photos much better!

Michelle Costanza Weis is a fashion stylist - turned optical specialist. Her focus is on accessories and statement pieces - like prescription eyeglasses. She is currently working for - the easiest way to buy glasses online, which now offers free shipping all over the US, with the code FreeShip10.

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