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Published: 06th February 2017
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Ladakh is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in north India. Ladakh is miraculous place to visit. We provide superior quality services for ladakh tour.
I visited to Ladakh last January. I enjoyed their very much with my friends. First of all I would like to thanks Ladakhdestination tour services who helps me to make my trip with ease and enjoyable. This service is independent organization created by a local Ladakhi guide Mohd Juma, who is experienced in arranging tours & treks in Ladakh and is eager to serve the travelers, who are curious and enchanted by the sheer attraction of mighty Himalayas, to know more about Ladakh, the geography, the people and their culture. Destination Inde provides customers with professional guidance, authentic information and an unmatched quality of service.
There is alt of adventures like Trekking in Ladakh, Snow leopard trek, winter photo workshop, Ladakh photography tour, camel safari and many more….
Snow Leopard there is always a good chance of spotting many other famous and rare animals like "Nyan" or "Tinetan Argali",(Ovis ammon); Himalayan blue sheep, called "Bharal" or "Napo", (Pseudois nayaur); Uriel, locally called "Shapo" (Ovis orientalis), Asiatic ibex Skin(Capra sibirica), and among the predators are Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Lynx, Pallas Cat, and many others. Ladakh destination suggests quality ladakh tour services as well as student and cultural tour. Come and have a lifetime experience walking on the frozen river Zanskar with DESTINATION INDE.
Trekking in Ladakh can be dangerous but fun too. One method of accessing snow-bound villages during the winter is trekking on top of the ice of frozen rivers. The Chadar trek is one such route, connecting villages in the Zanskar valley (deep in the mountains) with Chilling (on the road to Leh) along the frozen Zanskar River. This route has been used for centuries for trade and transportation, and is most reliable in February when the ice is most stable.
Ladakh is universally known as the 'Land of Passes' and the crown of the World' because of its location amidst Trans Himalayan region. The charm of this beautiful destination lies in its scenic mountain lanes, colorful gompas, Himalayas beauty, monasteries and fairs and festivals. It is one of the famous tourist destinations of Jammu and Kashmir situated at an altitude of 2,750 meters to 7,672 meters above sea level. Visit to monasteries to shoot monks inside while prayer ceremony, monastery kitchen and privilege access to green rooms of the monks. Photography of the frozen lakes, walk and shoot beautiful patterns forms due to wind and walk on the lakes. Photograph frozen geysers and wild like at Puga plains.
Ladakh, popularly known as, the land of numerous passes of mystic Lamas, The Broken Moon & The last Shangirala, Ladakh is bounded by two of the world's highest Mountain ranges, the Karakoram and the great Himalaya. The Ladakh region varies between 9,000 ft. / 2743 mts. to 25,170 ft. / 7672 m. above the sea level. Ladakh is a Land of medieval monasteries, Fluttering prayer flags, cold deserts, peaks and passes.

Based in the town of Leh (11,500 ft./ 3505 m), the journey includes & unveils many fascinating excursions to cliff side gompas (monasteries) inhabited by peaceful Buddhist monks, pretty villages & surrounding countryside, high passes and dramatic mountain scenery.

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