Pointers to remember while buying Men's Innerwear

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Published: 06th February 2017
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It is very important to have the right innerwear. While outer clothes create the first impression, it is innerwear which provides the ease and in effect the comfort to carry off the confidence needed. It is important to know the right size and fit in order to get the right body shape out of them. It has been seen that men usually are not that bothered about the type. They tend to follow their earlier generation in this area.

However, modern times are seeing people who are more and more conscious about their looks. In the new age man has become more concerned with the type of inner wear he wears Thus, the following tips may come in handy in order to choose the right type of inner wear:

•There are many who prefer briefs over boxers. In briefs, those who prefer old school go for full rise option. They are preferred due to higher coverage as compared to their low rise counterparts. They cover with a regular Y cordon the sides while covering till the buttock end from the waist. They do not cover any part of the thigh like boxer shorts, being smaller than them. They are more popular among the married genre.
•Workers and Athletes prefer boxers since they offer more free movement and also cover more area - quite a bit of the thighs.
•The youth prefer low rise version of the briefs. They have Y fronts and are snappier than their full rise options.
•Sports vests are a popular option and look better on their own. They have a low front and high back and are usually two coloured.
•The without sleeves V neck vest is now popular as casual or gym wear. They used to be worn under casual shirts before.
•Minimal coverage and more thigh show happen with a men's bikini underwear or Jocks. It is more of a ramp show wear with back akin to the usual briefs. It has been touted as the choice for men with great physique. However, more and more men are trying it for regular wear. This was so as they display more skin and was considered an accessory for the man into athletics or sports.
•Light and plain coloured crew necks are the preferred option under formals. The round neck coupled with T shape in darker hues makes them ideal for formal innerwear.
•It is best to wear fabrics which suit the weather, such as cotton during sultry weather.

Innerwear for men is a very critical choice to make since it defines the look of a gentleman and differentiates the men from the boys. One must ideally look to strike a balance between look, style and comfort, not necessarily in that order.

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