Population Health Management  A Multi-Dimension Optimization Problem

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The purpose for your population health program is to keep members healthy and prevent the onset and advancement of disease. Historically, programs have been disjointed because providers, employers and communities execute isolated efforts, with no collaboration or communication between them. Not surprisingly, the impact of silo programs has been unremarkable.

Despite valiant efforts, population health management remains a complex and daunting undertaking, and a topic far greater than anyone can cover in a single blog post. There are, however, very specific strategies that we have seen across hospital systems, medical groups and payers that are flourishing within the framework of health care legislation and the new payment structure. Only a few establishments have applied all of the strategies, and most have tackled and perfected only a scant handful of them in piecemeal fashion. Without fail however, every single organization we encounter that has applied one or more of these has improved total cost of care and quality of care. The strategies work because they align payment and measurement models with better health care delivery for the members.

The strategies are straightforward, but warrant detailed explanation. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll explore them and share front-line accounts so you can apply them in your business.

No Excuses Health Care Organization: How will we know better care delivery when we see it?

Among all programs, there is a polar spectrum of interventions: the simple wellness program sits on one end, while personalized medicine falls on the opposite extreme,

Fig 1: Correlation between program cost and population wellness
with many possibilities in between. When we look at distinct programs, there is a direct correlation between program cost and overall population health impact
(Fig 1). Most generalized (and therefore inexpensive) programs produce meager results. Conversely, programs that offer a personal health coach have shown excellent results, with a corresponding price tag.
The problem that vexes population health program managers is figuring out the right combination of offerings, how to deliver them to maximize population state of health in relation to investment, and establishing a strong incentive for the population (community, families, patient group, or members) and clinicians for active, engaged participation.

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