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Published: 24th July 2015
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A portfolio page is a collection of sample work pages which highlights the expertise, standards and brand personality of the web development company with visual proofs. It highlights the major work and accomplishments of the company and thus creates a brand image in the best possible manner in the eyes of the every possible viewer of the website.

In the world of growing technology every company needs an online presence to showcase their work and this has become a crucial factor in case of web development companies since the portfolio plays an indispensable part in building their client base. It effectively communicates the strengths and professional ethics of the web development company towards its customer satisfaction to snag new potential clients.

It is always the first impression that remains everlasting. Hence, a portfolio has to be well-structured and well-designed since it acts as a professional tool in dragging offshore clients where personal communication is highly impossible apart from retaining the existing clients.

Some key factors are to be noticed in the process of designing a portfolio for a web development company to arrive at fruitful results. They are listed below:

Objective: A portfolio should be designed in such a way that it depicts the core objective of the company to its prospective clients to create an intention that their expectation would attain due satisfaction. It should showcase the work of the company along with supplying sufficient information to the visitors of the site.

Purpose: A well-structured web development portfolio services should serve its purpose through the display of compelling content and some basic information to give an idea about the services being offered to convince the visitor to hire the service of the provider. This could be executed visually through thumbnail galleries, slide shows, video representations and via text through the ‘About us' page and the testimonials.

Simple and Attractive: Portfolios must be simple and intuitive conveying crystal clear message to the reader without any confusion to enhance the reputation of the company in the eyes of the potential clientele. It should showcase their work without any sort of diversion on the part of the reader.

User friendly: The portfolio should be easily accessible to the convenience of any common man to keep him stayed on the web page. Complex navigation, unnecessary pop ups, display of forms or disturbing buttons might irritate the viewer to ignore the page.

Best samples: Portfolio should be a collection of only the best samples of the past performances. Display of a few best samples would be more impressive rather than populating the page with the entire list of previous experiences. Mentioning the important and highlighting the relevant would make it more interesting.

Fresh updates: Frequent updates has to me made in the portfolios to keep it fresh. Best portfolios never remain static. Regular additions with relevance to the latest executed projects have to be made to focus the attention of the potential customers.

Testimonials: Inclusion of amazing testimonials from the previous clientele depicting a sense of gratitude, satisfaction or glowing recommendations towards the quality of the service being offered would be more enhance. A few words on the site mentioned by the past and the existing clients talking about the professional ethics and the quality of the web designs ensuring success increase the weight age.

Contact information: This is the most important factor that increases the chances of getting the work from the prospects. Inclusion of as much kind of possible contacts by way of email, mobile number, Skype would prompt the visitor to communicate to carry on with the business transaction.

To conclude, an effective portfolio should be more creative and user-friendly to snag potential clients to enhance the reputation of the company.

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