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Published: 30th April 2020
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Sexual health plays a dominant role in men's life. Sexual problems in men are common in today's modern world due to numerous factors. Erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, disordered orgasm,and small size of penis are the most common problems in men. The factors behind the aforesaid problems include neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, depression, and concern about sexual performance.
People waste too much money on products that claim to cure all these ailments instantly. Such products often have side effects that some times cause serious problems.Right choice of a product is key to sexual health. ETSP has made men's choice quite easy now.ETSP has brought POWER PRASH in Pakistan.Power Prash is a herbal product based on Ayurvedic formula.It's a perfect solution for all sexual dysfunctions.Its ingredients are natural having no side effects.Power Prash works the best for the following:

Low libido

Low libido occurs when sexual desire is diminished or absent.Some of the causes behind low libido are as follows:
Low level of testosterone
Excessive use of alcohol
Drug consumption
Prostate cancer
Power Prash revs up sex drive in quite a natural way.Its anti depressant ingredients improve libido. It also increases level of testosterone in a controlled manner.Its nutritional ingredients help to overcome malnutrition within a couple of weeks.It stimulates sexual urge quite effectively.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is inability to acquire or maintain erection up to a satisfactory level. The age factor plays a major role in erectile dysfunction.Its main causes include:
Fear of non performance
Loss of feeling toward the other person
Excessive use of antidepressants (mainly SSRIs)
Low testosterone
Power Prash acts as stimuli.It improves the circulatory and nervous system. It makes the veins lock the blood in place.Its ingredients remove the underlying psychological causes and vascular problems.

Premature Ejaculation

It involves the improper discharge of sperm, prostatic, and seminal vesicle fluid through the urethra.It may be caused by negative conditioning and penile hypersensitivity. Power Prash regulates discharge of fluid and reduces penile hypersensitivity.

Disordered Orgasm

Disordered orgasm is the inability to reach an orgasm after adequate stimulation.Its causes include:
Psychiatric disorder
Pelvic trauma
Power Prash regulates disordered orgasm.

Small Size Of Penis

A number of methods and techniques are used to enlarge the penis size, such as surgery, pills,exercise, and pumping.All the methods do not necessarily yield desired results. Power Prash enlarges the penis size 2-3 inches. It's a natural formula that works wonder within a few days.

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Price: 2999/- PKR


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