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Published: 08th April 2015
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This year July 4th happens to fall on a Thursday, which means that most of America is treating this weekend as an extremely long one. Our family is no different. Our plans consisted of 3 full days at the beach!

We hadn't taken a vacation in over 2 years and we were really looking forward to this one, but unfortunately we had to postpone this one. My son, had come down with a nasty bug and wasn't up for the trip.

Destin was going to have to wait because we had to get my son's flu taken care of. My son was sick, but certainly not sick enough to get taken to a Hospital Emergency Room. Emergency Rooms in the last 10 years or so have become a nightmare for several reasons. Many people use emergency rooms as their primary care giver instead of using them for what they are intended to… emergencies! This of course leads to extremely long wait times and frustrations from waiting patients, over-worked doctors and nurses, and uncaring hospital receptionists. The people that get hurt the most by these crowded emergency rooms are the patients with the actual emergencies! Another problem that is tied with overcrowded ERs in this country is the number of uninsured patients (with no means to pay) that have no other choice but to use hospital ERs to get treated. Private clinics are certainly not going to accept them, so they use the (flawed) system to get treated. I'm not advocating that these people not get treated and thus get sicker or die, I'm just commenting on America's flawed health care system and how it impacts the crowding issue in a hospital's ER. The fact that tax-paying, insurance-having Americans get stuck with the bill is an entirely new article for later.

So, as far as my son's condition was concerned, the ER was out of the question. Thank goodness for all of the Urgent and Primary Health Clinics that seem to be popping up everywhere. The primary reasons for the abundance of these types of clinics: convenience, proximity to home, and ease of use (little to no wait times). A lot of doctors have taken notice to what's going on in America's ERs and filled a need. What's great is that some Clinics even go as far as performing house calls or doing medical concierge.

Brilliant! My local Urgent and Primary Health Clinic provides a myriad of services during their on-site concierge services and house calls, including:

-Routine Physicals

-Primary Care Physicals (site visits can be arranged)

-Acute / Chronic Illnesses

-Urgent Care / Injuries

-Laboratory Services

-Disease Management

-Preventative Care


-Gynecological Exams

-Pap Smears

-Weight Management

-Vaccinations / Immunizations

-And much more

The best part is that my son's doctor from my local clinic is that he was able to come by the house on a holiday. It was really nice for the physician to come by our house on July 4th, walk into my son's room and give him some medicine. This 'personal touch' makes all the difference in the world to me. It certainly beat lugging my sick son to a doctor's office or worse, an emergency room. So we got to miss out on a nice beach vacation. It's ok… my son's well being comes first around here. It sure was nice that my son was able to get the VIP treatment without having to pay a VIP price. He's a little bummed that we weren't able to catch some waves, but the beach will still be in a couple of months. Labor Day will be coming soon; we'll definitely take advantage of that long weekend and head to the beach then.


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