Printing Processes-Aspect of Representing Your Business Through Printing

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Printing process started a long time ago where majority of what was printed some thousand years ago was printed on stones and wood. The first press ever was a letterpress. The letterpress uses stamp with ink to place on a paper or another material.

It worked like a typewriter but as the typewriter typed words one after the other, the letterpress does a page in one print. It takes a long time as it was done manually placing the letter stamps in place. There are several aspect of printings and business are using for long time to represent their business in remarkable way with techniques available.

With the time advancement takes place in printing industries and now online printing becoming choice of businesses and taking advantages of ordering online print for their business from home or office comforts and get delivered to doorsteps.

Lithography Printing

The offset lithography is a method of printing that is more common today. As one of the oldest methods of printing. Offset lithography works on the principle that water do not mix with oil(ink).

It uses plates where images or text are burned on the plate, exposing the image area by light. The plate is rolled onto a cylinder and placed on the press. The area that has no image picks up water. The plate is made to come in contact with oil, the oil sticks to the image and since oil and water do not mix, the non-image area will be free of oil. The oily image then prints on a blanket, and from the blanket, it is pressed onto a paper.

Flexography Printing

The flexography is a method used to print labels. Bottles of pop, plastics and cellophane are printed on by flexography. The principle of printing by flexography is resembled with that of letter press.

It makes use of stamp but the stamp has rubber with grooves which are stained in ink. The rubber presses on ink and stamps on the material. This presses on ink and stamps on the material. This process is continuous and is used to print on tissues, labels, plastics, cardboard and stickers.

Gravure Printing

Gravure method of printing is used in printing long pages of magazines. Just like flexography, it works with a cylinder which picks ink and places it on paper. Gravure does not use technique of plates like the flexography. The groove around the cylinder is very difficult to wear out, therefore lasting longer.

Screen Printing

Another common method of printing is the screen printing. This type is used of all odd materials. They are used on plastics, T-shirts, and other clothing materials. These materials are stretched and fastened into place. A stencil is cut and placed over the screen to cover areas that should not print. Ink is placed in the frame and over the stencil. It is the ink that goes through the screen and on the material.

Digital Printing

Digital print is now the most popular method of printing. The types of digital prints which include; the inkjet, laser and toner, and the magnetic. With the inkjet, the cartridge holds the ink and releases it in small quantity onto paper during printing.

The laser and the toner uses laser to charge the paper in the areas which will attract toner or cymkcolors. It is passed through a fuser that melts the toner on the paper. Magnetic works in almost the same way but uses a magnet to charge instead of electricity like the other ones

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