Proficiency in a foreign language can make you a star performer

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Published: 06th February 2017
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For the English speaking countries, languages like Spanish, Chinese, French and German gets preference, due to the huge popularity of those languages in the international arena of business. Some also adds Russian, Japanese and Dutch language to this list and their reason of doing so is also quite justified.

Now, knowing extra language might seem to be an extra pressure on kids and students. But the prevailing conditions suggest that most of those who invest in learning foreign languages get several distinct benefits as compared to those who donít give importance to learning languages other than their mother tongue.

The most significant advantage of knowing multiple international languages is that people who are fluent in multiple languages can communicate with the native speakers of those languages during their careers Ė an ability which only a few possess. This ability can single handedly make an employee the darling of their bosses, who also might not have the required proficiency.

The second advantage is that one can access the huge store of knowledge that is available in those languages. This, alone, can be the biggest and the strongest reason for learning international languages. If one has to understand French literature and cuisine, German efficiency and engineering, Spanish lifestyle and football, and the storehouse of oriental knowledge available in China, India and Japan, one has to be skilled in one or more of the languages that are spoken by the natives of these countries.

There are many instances where an employee gets quick promotion and multiplies his persona by adding foreign language qualifications under his belt. In some typical and so called low profile professions like interpreter and translator, people can earn decent amount by working as a freelancer or an assistant to business persons and government personals during cross-cultural interactions.

Apart from these, another application of foreign language might be the ability to migrate to other nations and easily mix with the locals. This enables professionals to perform better at offshore works and also acts as an added qualification when one applies for visa or work permits.

Some professionals like telemarketing professionals and answering specialists can also help their organizations widen the net of their business, by giving the authorities the confidence that their knowledge of foreign languages will be extremely advantageous for handling foreign clients directly.


Trained answering specialists are assets for company and they are doing the initial steps to get the business infavour of the company. The author, Jeo Nash, is a floor manager in a company and in his view Worldwide Information Warehouse is a specialist in the same.

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