Prosperous Future of Bamboo Industry-Bamboo Handbags

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Published: 20th August 2017
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Bamboo forest, widely distributed in the world, is known as the “world’s second largest forest”. The bamboo industry, based on the development and utilization of bamboo resource, has universally been recognized as green industry with enormous economic value, ecological and cultural values, which has been paid increasingly attention. The uneven development of the green industry around the world encourages us to learn from each other, thereby to enhance the industry and establish a good example in front of other industries.

China has long history of cultivating bamboos for its rich resources. East Asian civilization used to be called “bamboo civilization” and China is called “civilized country of bamboo”. For poor they're wood, for rich they're decorations, for artist they're ally and for nature it’s gift. This is a vivid description of ecological value, economic value and cultural value of bamboo, since it’s regenerated resource. Now more and more people choose to buy furniture made of bamboo. There are many iPhone covers, keyboards, mouses and cups out there made by this environment friendly material, which is reasonable and practical for its last longing. Well here’s one thing I bet you’d never thought of, which is made of Pubescens and rarely seen in market. It’s bamboo handbag.

Pubescens, growing in south of China, is very precious and popular due to its versatile economic values. Its strip, featuring soft and flexible, is excellent choice for weaving various sizes utensils and handicrafts. The bamboo bags, made of pubescens, feature sturdy construction and chic appearances. The special material make them very trendy and eye-catching in crowds. They are hand weaved artifacts by Chinese skilled artisans who are becoming less as time goes by. There are different colors and shapes which you can choose to keep style close so you’re not outdated or be made fun of by your fashionable friends.

With deterioration of global environment, nowadays more people prefer to choose environment friendly products in daily life. They’re recyclable regenerate resources that are well thought of in producing green products. The earth will become more and more beautiful when all of us stop doing anything harmful to environment. Begin this from using this versatile bamboo handbags in which way the green industry will be promoted and prosperous which is good to earth and to all of us.

I’m sure the green industry would boom in the near future and there will be more and more consumers to choose green environment friendly products. Bamboo handbags are excellent choices.

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