QA: A gateway to IT

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Published: 10th January 2017
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QA: A gateway to IT
QA is a technology which opens the door for someone having no knowledge on the subject. It's the focal point in IT after development. This article covers a brief introduction of QA, learning time and its job market. We conclude with the right training method, preparation point and its future after 5 years.
What is QA?
Software testing is a phenomenon which is used to recognize the correctness, completeness and quality of developed computer software. It includes a set of activities conducted with the intention of finding errors in software so that it could be corrected before the product is released to the end users. The basic question is whether we developed a software "bug-free" and does it meets the customer's needs.
So, testing is to uncover the defects in the software and reliability of the software. It helps early detection of the bugs or defects which prevents the project to be a big loss at later stage.
Learning duration
Testing is an entrance to Information Technology if one chose as a career. The basic perquisite to learn QA is to have a tiny bit knowledge about MS Office because it helps you to learn QTP and loadrunner. This also helps you get you thorough understanding of application under test.
The budding tester should have an analytical bent of mind as it will help you to deal with complex software system and in writing test cases. It also helps them to execute their written test cases and test plans.
The other pivotal need is to have excellent written and communication skills. This grip over language helps a tester to write test plans, test cases and test strategies; it also helps him to grasp the bugs and other mistakes performed by the developer.
Finally, a tester needs to have a zeal to test and get the error. H should have the ability to deal with work pressure during the release of the code. He should update his technical skills with the new environmental and project demand. He must have great professional attitude to work in a team with efficient cooperation.
Job market
Testers will never be out of job unless they stuck just in one method of testing like a manual tester should update his skills in automation. So, its a chain of testing methodology i.e." chain of learning." QA is a backbone of IT, without testers a company cannot make its niche in this competitive world which always needs error free applications.
Nowadays, a BA also needs to have some QA skills that means the ombudsman of IT also tend to behave as a tester to understand the requirement. Unless the fastest IT exists, testers will always be in demand. Right from the bay area to the eastern coast of U.S, testers are always in move to be on never ending projects.
Now, let's discuss about the right training and preparation method for learning testing skills. Many QA training and placements are available at low cost in the market which makes things more difficult to choose the right one. Similarly, online JAVA training, iOS training and placement, DotNet training and placement and Salesforce training and placement are also available to advance your technical craving. There are some free trainings too which promise to provide the best training in limited time frame. However, if we examine the free trainings, it lacks quality. So, the best training should cover manual testing, automation testing, QTP and Selenium. The instructor should teach from scratch means manual testing. It should be completed in 40 to 45 days with many practical assignments. We should always chose right online IT training and placement.
After getting trained in 'Quality Assurance' with rigorous practice, one can never be out of job because testing is going to exist for long. However, the tester has to improve its skills with the introduction of new methodologies. So, buckle up to be a tester. Happy learning!!

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