Reaching Success Rarely Happens In A Straight Line

Published: 08th April 2015
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That's the sound of a new business owner or a wannabe entrepreneur, hitting a brick wall. And, do you know what... the brick wall remains but the business owner... DOESN'T!

It's a continuing theme I run across about people, almost every single day whilst running my various businesses.See, for many, the lure of a fabulous lifestyle, riches on demand, rubbing shoulders with the marketing and entrepreneurial elite, is something they'd 'like' to have happen, but...aren't at all prepared to put in the work.And yes, I did use that despised, four letter word... WORK!

I'll tell you what, for many, they've bought into the idea that you need nothing more than go to a seminar, get a laptop, be hooked up with broadband, get an auto-responder...And then... voila! The greased slide to riches will 'automatically' fall into place.Oh, and by the way, all this happens whether you have a BRAIN or not!

It's ludicrous, right? I mean, even when falling out of bed, you've got to do SOME work!

There's an antidote to that disease of thinking, to that mental virus. It's this - And, I'd suggest you scorch this onto the side of your head so you'll NEVER again be confused about success, and reaching it.


Did you get that?

Rarely does success happen because you set out to be successful... without you ever encountering a number of brick walls, without you ever feeling that you're going... backwards.Look at anyone whom you'd consider successful, and see if their rise to the top was smooth sailing, or was it fraught with peril and risk along the way.

Take direct marketing copywriter Gary Halbert. Do you think he 'arrived' without so much as a graze to his mantle as one of the world's leading copywriters?

Gary Halbert tells the story of finding out everything he could about writing advertising copy that sells. He tells of his sitting down at the Library of Congress and pouring through all the great advertising books.There were times where he and his wife would be sitting down in a cold, dark, empty room, no money to pay for the electricity bills, waiting for the cheques to come in from the latest attempt at direct mail success.Of then finally sitting down to create advertising that sells and that if he didn't do it, a gun would go off and blow his brains out.

Do you think he came up against more than a few brick walls?Oh, the single one page letter that he wrote whilst he was in that gun-to-the-head frame of mind, mailed to around 600 million households, made Halbert a multimillionaire and... created a business that sprawled 8 countries!He certainly 'arrived'... in zig zag fashion.

Want to know a little about my own story? I had nothing going for me growing up as a young man. Well, I had my life and I had the good fortune to wake up every morning and breathe a breath of fresh air.My family relations were messed up, my job prospects were screwed, my whole outlook, stunk.But do you know what? Even in the direst of moments, there was an opening in my mind that let good fortune come on in.

Subconsciously, there was door of opportunity that was left ajar.That good fortune came in the form of a business opportunity, with someone to show me the ropes. And do you know where I was when that opportunity arrived? I was in the car park, doing my paid JOB! I was so bitten with what I was shown that I committed to myself to make things happen.

Did it all go smoothly? Of course not.Did I stumble? Sure.Was I deterred? In some instances... yes! Did I feel like I was going backwards at times? Most certainly.Did I BUMPH up against what seemed like insurmountable BRICK WALLS? Of that you can be sure.But do you know what?... I kept on, keeping on.I didn't simply arrive, instantly.

What was it I heard about this singer?... oh yes... "it's taken me 20 years to become an overnight success!"Have YOU come unstuck at the first obstacle that comes your way, where you then say... "that's it!"Have you felt that you've come within three feet of realising glory, but caved in because it became too long a wait?Have you also felt like you were travelling backwards so fast and so quickly that you decided there and then that this SUCCESS THING... 'isn't for me?

'Well, I've got news for you... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You see, there's too much conflicting and contradictory information about what it takes mentally, to MAKE IT. About visualising and holding onto your dreams and aspirations. About focusing your efforts like a laser beam...If you'd really like to make ZIG ZAGGING part of your life, and want to really understand the dynamic building blocks of how it all fits together, then I'd suggest you get yourself a copy of the 30 million best-seller by Dr. Maxwell Maltz...PSYCHO CYBERNETICS

Don't be put off by the title. All it translates to is the 'STEERING OF THE MIND'.If you've already got a copy, pull it off the shelf, dust it down and pile into it. It's an easy read. It's full of practical content that you can do the exercises yourself.Oh, and it'll set you back the massive amount of...UNDER A TENNER (in fact there are some second hand copies on Amazon for under 2)

And look, you really don't need some self image consultant or a 1000 year old guru to tell you the way to go with this. It's all laid out for you.However, if that's what it'll take for you to absorb and print in your head, the messages in this book, then so be it... for it'll prove extraordinarily valuable for you as you move through life with renewed purpose, newfound zest and through the eyes of continued aliveness.


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