Reasons Of Not Going After Easy Money As A Freelancer

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Freelancing is not a new thing. There are millions, if not billions, who earn their livelihood as a freelancer. While some keep the cushion of a regular day job for stability issues and for ensuring a fixed income at the end of the moth, there are uncountable people who works part time as a freelancer.
Internet has revolutionized the work of freelancers. Not only has the comfort and flexibility of the work as freelancer has increased, but also the amount of money one can earn. But with boons often come banes. Most importantly, these banes are pitfalls disguised as opportunities.

Let me simplify this for you – not all jobs are as good as they look like. In fact, there are many jobs that are not worth doing for the long run. The reason for this warning will be explained in due course. Also, there are many jobs that looks financially lucrative and a freelancer who is new to this world might get duped, but these jobs does not pay well in spite of the promises it make.

First of all, consider a span of 3 to 5 years, for which you are supposed to work as a freelancer, either as a full time profession or as a part timer. Now if you take this as seriously as a day job, and I think you should, chances are that you will be able to get more control of your life while working as freelancer. The control, which I speak of, is in terms of work-life balance and financial growth and stability.
Naturally, the same rules that apply to the increment promotion or better roles in the day jobs are applicable here also. The only difference is that you don’t have anyone to blame and you are absolutely in charge of the quality and quantity of your work. The plus side is that you get the whole credit and your CV looks as bright as your work.

It involves the type of work you do, the quantity of work you do on a daily or hourly basis and off course, the quantity of work you do. Now, if you keep on doing the easy stuff that even a fifth grader can do with a computer, there are very little chances that your profile as a freelancer will be something worthy of displaying. I am not undermining any work, but the fact is that the more difficult the work, the better are your chances of adding weight to your portfolio.

Now, the irony is that due to our lack of control on our emotions, we go after the easy work. We continue doing it and continue earning from it. After a few years, we lose our ability to attempt anything challenging and more rewarding, thus limiting our chances of dramatically increase the quantum of our income. This is the pitfall I was talking about. While there are thousands of articles to teach you how to earn money from home or make money online, there are very few that tells you that things are not so rosy. There is also another catch that I would like to mention – often I get to hear complaints that people posting easy jobs on the freelancing websites doesn’t pay timely, or deviate from their contracts showing various strange reasons. Now, I leave the rest for you to decide.


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