Reasons to Develop iOS App First

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Published: 28th November 2016
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1. Developing for iOS is easier than for Android:
As a matter of fact, the iOS Developer Tools are much better than the tools for Android. For instance, setting up GUI is much easier with iOS as you can make it in the Interface Builder and link to the necessary objects in your code afterwards. This will help to save a great deal of time. In terms of the Apple APIs there is a larger choice of documentation and availability. Moreover, there is not much OS fragmentation amongst the user base which makes development efforts way simpler for universal and near-universal application.

2. Advanced Pioneer Users:
There is no denying the fact that Mac and iOS need a more technical inclination than a PC user usually has. This way, app engineers can find more informed people with regard to modern software, the people who keep trace of development innovations. It is important because these users are reliable in terms of getting actual feedback useful to resolve the problems rather than instantly bailing at the sight of an iceberg.

3. iOS Users are Usually More Willing to Pay:
Being the pioneer of smart devices, Apple and its App Store have a certain range of expectations concerning app costs. Android entered the mobile market only when apps had already found their way to freeware. And we've got a situation when Androiders are accustomed to the all free world of applications, while iOS users got used to paying a dollar for an effective app.

4. Decision Makers choose iPads and iPhones:
Apple products are associated as a status symbol. This may be due to their minimalist chic, or a much elevated price, or perhaps because of both. This stylish mystique considered, it's no wonder that a huge number of people want to have one. Wall Street workers, Venture Capitalist members, and young talented participants of a Start-Up meeting - all can be seen talking, texting and swiping on their Apple devices.

5. Multiple Choice of Android Devices:
There are only 9 iPhones. However there are hundreds of various Android devices—all have different specs, dimensions and hardware power which makes it really tough to test an Android app on all the devices. This way your application is likely to be buggy on some devices. Remember the support services you will offer to the customers who are not investing even a penny to use your application! And the case doesn't really look profitable.

Surely, the vast availability of Android devices indicates that Android users largely outnumber iOS users, but are they the right target audience for your business benefits? At the end of the day you will want to expand to the Android users as well, but when talking about the users you need to impress in the first place (users that spend money on apps), iOS is the right choice for you.

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