Remote Controlled Motorized Window Blinds Mechanism

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Remote Controlled Motorized Window BlindsA remote controlled motorized window blind mechanism makes sense especially when there are many window blinds to be raised or lowered or when the window blinds are located in odd places difficult to reach manually.

A standard manually operated window blind generally has a roller attached to a gear mechanism which in turn is attached to a lever or a chain. In case of a leaver, it is in turn attached to handle. The user rotates the handle which rotates the leaver which rotates the gear connected to roller. Rotating the leaver clockwise or anti-clockwise will lower/unfurl or raise/ rollup the window blind.

Imagine having to do this for several window blinds twice a day. It might not be much of an effort but the time spent alone would be worth going in for a remote controlled motorized window blind mechanism.

In a remote controlled motorized window Custom Blind mechanism, instead of the leaver and handle, there is a small low-powered silent motor. Instead of the leaver or chain being connected to the gear, the shaft of the motor is connected to the gears. Now when the motor receive electrical current, it does the job of rotating the gears. The buttons on the hand-held remote will control whether the rotation is clockwise or anti-clockwise. The motor knows when to stop winding or unwinding because there are usually two contacts placed in fully open and fully closed position. These trigger the motor to stop.

Modern day motors of the type used in remote controlled motorized window blind mechanisms are small, light-weight and at 38 db or so, fairly silent. They come in various output capacities. The one that might be used in your window blind would depend on the width of your commercial blinds, the height or length of the window blind and the type of material. These three factors would dictate the power required to raise or lower the blind.

You can even add a remote controlled motorized window blinds mechanism subsequent to your purchase of window blinds. Simply visit your nearest window blinds online supplier or visit online and request for someone to visit your home.

A remote controlled motorized window blind mechanism can be added to horizontal, vertical or even angled blinds. How the blind moves or its angle is immaterial. Most remote controlled motorized window blind mechanisms are powered by DC type voltage. This is done because they are cheaper and safer. In the event of an electrical leak, there will is no harm even to children.

You can control all your remote controlled motorized window blind mechanisms using a single remote. These are called multi-channel radio controllers. You can even add more remote controlled motorized window blind mechanisms in due course and continue to control all of them via a single remote.

You can even install the latest state-of-art multi-channel radio controllers for your remote controlled motorized window blind mechanisms that hook up with your home automation systems and have your blinds raised or lowered without you having to do anything. Know more about all types of blinds such as Roller Blinds, Panel Glide Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roller Shutters, Venetian Blinds Online, Cellular Blinds, Plantation Shutters, Cedar Shutters, Fixed Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings, and Convertible Awnings etc. at Apollo Awnings & Louvre Shutters Melbourne.

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