Reviewing The SAS Self-Defense Handbook

Published: 08th May 2020
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There are quite a lot of myths surrounding the correct way to protect yourself in a serious altercation. Much of what is supposedly self-defense is either based on sports or what's been shown in flicks. However, The SAS Self-Defense Handbook by Barry Davies doesn't contain any of these myths since it is based on a genuine self-defense training paradigm. SAS refers to the British Special Air Service, the elite military fighting team. The tactics you'll find in Davies' book are based on the self-defense tactics that this fighting team receives.

Any individual interested in realistic and practical self-defense will find the material in this book to be enormously realistic and valuable. The methods in the book are not designed in such a way that you are going to gain the impression that you can be a feared fighter immediately. Davies steers clear of making exaggerated assertions. Instead, Davies provides military training methods in a fashion that the average person would fully grasp. He changes the strategies in such a way that the average person can use them.

The SAS Self-Defense Handbook is not one written with much filler. Davies writes concisely and he gets to the point -- he goes straight to describing self-defense tactics that are very simple, yet effective. The straightforward way that the material is offered makes the book a much more invaluable guide to the everyday person.

Readers can easily execute the self-defense strategies outlined in the book. What's wonderful is that there are 130 photographs included in the book that show the different self-defense strategies. The pictures helpfully detail the means in which you can maneuver your body to maximize the effect you can make in a self-defense situation.

One of the best things about this self-defense guide book is that it doesn't merely give you generic self-defense techniques. It actually points out the frequent attacks that take place in the real world. The handbook also talks about the legal ramifications every individual should know when they are in a situation wherein they have to defend themselves. A lot of self-defense guides usually disregard the legal concerns involved in self-defense. There are legal consequences involved when you are trying to defend yourself and Davies ensures his handbook has this information for his readers to know.

The guide also addresses another area frequently glossed over in self-defense tomes which would be the issue of improving your overall fitness and conditioning. You simply can't protect yourself properly if you become fatigued. Davies has got military experience, which is why he knows exceptionally well the importance of physical conditioning and he emphasizes this throughout his book.

In all honesty, this is a very detailed work and one anybody with a serious interest in martial arts and real life self-defense must add to his or her bookshelf.

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