Reviewing The SAS Self-Defense Handbook

Published: 08th May 2020
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There are quite a number of myths surrounding the proper way to defend yourself in a serious altercation. These self-defense myths are in large part caused by what many of us see in motion pictures and entertainment sports. Nonetheless, The SAS Self-Defense Handbook by Barry Davies doesn't feature any of these myths as it is based on a real self-defense training paradigm. SAS stands for the Britain's Special Air Service. The self-defense tactics in the book are based upon the training received by this top military fighting team.

This book has a good amount of realistic and practical self-defense techniques you can learn and use. What's wonderful about this book is that the tactics don't give readers the idea that they will be changed into a feared fighting machine right away. The text avoids making these kinds of hyperbolic assertions and that is great. Instead, Davies presents military training strategies in a manner that the regular person would fully grasp. He modifies the tactics in such a way that the average person can apply them.

The SAS Self-Defense Handbook is a book that doesn't have any nonsense. Davies writes concisely and he gets right to the point -- he goes straight to detailing self-defense methods that are very simple, yet effective. The direct to the point way that the material is presented makes the book a much more invaluable guide to the everyday person.

Readers won't have a difficult time carrying out the self-defense strategies in the book. There will be little confusion. This is considering that the book features 130 colored and black and white pictures of the different self-defense tactics. The photographs helpfully detail the means in which you can move your body to capitalize on the effect you could make in a self-defense situation.

Among the best aspects of this amazing guide book would be the fact it doesn't just present physical strategies in a generic manner. The handbook goes into prevalent attacks which occur in a real life self-defense situation. Another area dealt with in the guide would be the legal implications which must be accepted when trying to look after yourself. Many manuals on self-defense dismiss legal issues which is a serious oversight. There are legal ramifications involved when you are trying to defend yourself and Davies ensures his handbook has this information for his readers to know.

A lot of self-defense books don't point out or stress the need for physical conditioning and improving one's overall fitness. Davies makes certain he discusses this essential aspect in his self-defense guide. You can't expect to be able to properly defend yourself if your physical fitness is very poor. Davies is aware of this due to his military experience. That is why he highlights throughout the book why physical conditioning is crucial.

Essentially, Barry Davies' The SAS Self-Defense Handbook is a book that has to be on the shelf of any individual who is intent on realistic self-defense.

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