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Published: 19th November 2016
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Often, the most prevalent occurrence when making use of a rug pad would be the dents that you get on your wood surface floorings. In most cases this usually occurs to laminate floors and wood flooring surfaces that have shiny polyurethane coatings. Knowing what kind of rug pad to employ really can stop this from transpiring. It's also wise to understand that there are certain points that you need to remember before buying a new pad.

The Reliableness Of The Materials Used

Quality - Chiefly dealing with the kinds of materials to be employed. How do you determine if it is valuable? Normally, there are a couple of things that I usually check out. I take a look at what types of elements are utilized during the pad's production and the contract. Please don't purchase warranty promises that do not comprise a policy for broken floors. Also, the materials should ordinarily be better than just low-priced PVC and polyvinyl. Select pads that are constructed from pure rubber.

Super-Lock Natural Pads

If I were to choose, you need to pick pads which are made from pure rubber, that is the Super-Lock Natural. When most people hear about rubber, they quickly wonder if this product is perfect for hardwood flooring. Actually it is the ideal match for all kinds of wood flooring and wood finishes. The air is also free to enter and get out since this pad is especially created this way. All of you know that without the proper exposure to the air can also lessen the expected life of your rug. Allergy Attacks are oftentimes caused by the components that produce the pad, which is why Super-Lock Natural is made with anti-allergen elements that prevent hazardous organism from living. Will scarring take place? You won't see any mark once you have Super-Lock Natural as your pad choice and it's also great for any kind of surface floors.


For individuals who want a denser type or pad that will help in maintaining your hardwood floorings attractive look, then you need to buy a felt rug pads, that are created by RugPadUSA . It is produced from reprocessed felt and rubber, and may be used on carpet in addition to hardwood.

Down Under Rug Pads

Down under pads manufactured by Karastan, although these pads are more sophisticated and higher priced than others, you will love this pad's performance and worth. It has nearly the same materials as Premium-Lock pads, mixing felt with rubber is great to have a good hold and shock absorption.


For wood floors, another wonderful option is the Eco-Solid Rug Pad. You will surely be amazed at how long this pad has gone due to its plant-based materials. Made from untreated polymer, you won't get scared of sliding or getting any injury since they are also well-known for their non-slip aspect.

Eco-Cushion Pads

Eco-friendly and untreated from artificial materials, Eco-Cushion is much broader versus Eco-Solid pads. If you are searching for a rug pad that's created t shield the surface of wood floors, then the Eco-Cushion could be the best for you. Because of its relative width, it really is thought of as the ideal pad for every type of hardwood floor surfaces. Rug Pad USA offers a full 2 decades of manufacturer's warranty, you will make a great investment with this product. The sturdiness of these pads is admirable, so you won't have any uncertainties that they can truly look after your surface floors.

Your hardwood flooring surfaces along with your area rug are wholly protected since they are properly made to fully satisfy consumers' needs. Seeing spots on your flooring surfaces seriously isn't desirable to look at, therefore make the pads above your guide in making a wonderful house. Everyone can afford it and ensure your floor and rug's extended life. Remember that thicker cushioned pads ensure that your hardwood floors are free from scuff marks. Don't forget to let the wooden floor cures to prevent scratches on your rug pad and you can utilize them in their full ability.

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