SAP Business Objects Edge BI Helps Plan for Success in a Tough Economy

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Published: 28th November 2016
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Every company's BI needs are as unique as their paths to success. That's why SAP Business Objects Edge BI software is offered in three versions, each designed to meet your company where it is today and to grow with your business tomorrow. These three affordable versions can address just about any BI requirement you may have, from operational reporting to intuitive dashboards and visualization.

SAP BOBJ/ BO Edge BI, Standard Package looks for an easy entry point into the world of BI? The standard package was made just for you. Designed to get midsize companies started with BI, this version includes all the core functionality you'll need to empower your end users with greater business insight. Offering flexible ad hoc reporting, query, analysis, and dashboards, your employees will be able to make fast, informed decisions without having to rely on IT to help them gather the necessary data. And this data can be conveniently accessed with tools your company already uses every day, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint applications. Built on a proven, open intelligence platform, the standard package gives your staff secure, managed information access, helping ensure that users get the right information at the right time.

The more you trust your business intelligence, the more confidently you can make choices for your company. SAP Business Objects Edge BI, with data integration, combines the power of data integration with essential functionality, such as query, analysis, and dashboards. The data integration version is built on the same proven, open intelligence platform as the standard package, and it is designed to introduce your organization to the potential of integrating your data through your BI solution, giving you a solid foundation upon which you can efficiently and effectively run your business.

SAP Business Objects Edge BI with Data Management takes your BI potential one step further, this version of SAP Business Objects Edge BI software incorporates comprehensive data management functionality to give you a more comprehensive level of control over the data in your organization. With trusted data and timely, accurate information, your business users will be empowered to make the best possible business decisions.

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