Seiko Solar Mens Scuba Divers Sports Watch SNE107P1

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Published: 30th April 2020
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Seiko Solar Mens WatchProfessional diving embraces quartz models due to one reason: They are way lighter than their mechanical counterparts. Formerly, when quartz translated to batteries, wearing a quartz watch underwater spelt some amount of trouble; you never knew if the battery is gonna conk on the way. With solar quartzes making into the scene, the fear has been taken care of. They are slim pickings and some are pretty interesting, like the Seiko Divers SNE107P1.

This is the perfect pick for them looking for a traditional case shape with something with a 3o'clock crown and a price that doesnít choke you senseless. That way, the Seiko SNE107 is a safe spin.

The Seiko SNE107 is one of the 2011 solar lines of watches that Seiko released. Itís a surprise how Seiko managed to outline its specs according to ISO6425 certification at this price, but thereís no denying a divers watch only gets better with it. It also shows the manufacturerís commitment towards the type, something which most do not exercise in their budget and entry-level models.

With Seiko Flightmaster, it is surprising that they invest extra expenses for everything they consider necessary for a watch thatís made for a particular job. The Diver's text on the dial is therefore, not just for show. Even the good-sized fluted crown announces its true Diver heritage.

But! This is not the type of watch that you either love or hate. You have to give it time to grow on you; maybe, a month or two. The stock bracelet is a great-looking one; however, if you really want to use it for underwater purposes, replace it with an aftermarket NATO or natural rubber strap. It has on advantage: Silicone-like flexibility with the durability of resin! The drilled lug holes make strap changing a breeze.

The size of the watch is another sensible aspect of it. At 42mm, it is neither small for big wrists, nor big for thinner wrists. The size simply imparts an elegance that complements the case size. All those are collectively termed as the Seiko Velatura, well-programmed into the overall design of the SNE107P1, including the lume and the dark, charcoal-coloured dial. Try it under all kinds of lights; you can never spot the solar panel underneath. A pleasant surprise that comes with the SME107P1 is the blue SAT and red SUN peeping from under the DAY window, but this isnít good for them with a weak eyesight.

But all in all, the SNE107 is recommended. Not the kind that youíll pass down to your next generation as an heirloom, but definitely the one youíll give your next generation when they want to get serious with some or other form of the water sports. Till then, have a great deal of fun wearing it.

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