Self-build Abrasives Online Store Tutorial

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Published: 17th June 2015
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In this tutorial, you will self-build an abrasives online store which is the most basic step for abrasives foreign trading.

Coming up in this series, there will be more tutorials walk you through displaying professional abrasives & abrasive products, optimizing your online store, applying and binding for your own domain name, building backlinks, releasing news, building landing page, selecting and paying for Google Adwords, watching traffic flow, etc. We are sure that “enterprise website + professional online store + backlinks building + high conversion landing page” will bring you unexpected results.

All following tutorials will take as an example. Of course, you can also choose other comprehensive trade platforms such as alibaba, made-in-china, etc.

Ok, now let’s start for abrasives online store building. ACTTION!

Registration & Email Confirmation
Each trade platform requires an account, and the required information is usually quite a few. Because it is a business-to-business marketplace, not like casual SNS (social network sites). So, you have to complete your company information as possible as you can to win much more trust.

It is quite easy to register a free iAbrasive account on by clicking “Join Free”. Or click this link directly: iAbrasvie Account Registration

The registration page is shown as follows:
Where are you? At present, applies “Automatic Chinese and English Bilingual” registration. If you choose “China (Mainland)”, it is in Chinese; other in English. Then choose Province/State/County if available.

I am a: You are more likely to choose “Supplier”. Or choose “Buyer” or “Both” only if you come to to buy abrasives and abrasive products.

Email: Fill in your real and frequently used mail address. Please treat it carefully. Because it needs to be confirmed later on, and will be used to sign-in to, as well as receive inquires, messages and nonfictions, etc.

Create Password & Re-enter Password: Passwords should be the same. It is suggested to use complicated passwords which include characters, numbers and special characters, for example, airui#86167220.

Name: Fill in your English full name that is easy to read and remember.

Company Name: In English please, or your account can not be approved.

Tel: Fill in the phone number that can receive English calls.

Once completed, click “Create My Account” to get it done!
Then, remember to confirm your email. Email confirmation success page is shown as below:
Then, please click “Complete My Company Profile” to continue.

Complete Company Profile
Fill in by steps: “Basic Information” -> “Factory Information” -> “Trade information”; or fill in and submit one by one, all up to you.

Basic Information
It takes basic information as an example.

Company Name: already automatically loaded. If wrong, change it here.

Business Type: Manufacture, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler and Service Company. Choose according to the condition of your company. For example, ticks Service Company.

Main Products: Max. 5. For example, if you produce or sell abrasive grains, you can input Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Pink Fused Alumina, (or alternatively, Brown Aluminum Oxide, White Aluminum Oxide, Pink Aluminum Oxide) etc. according to your situation. It also should be spelt correctly, because they will display in the title of your online store, which is a key element of SEO.

Other Products You Sell: Fill in other more products, Max. 10.

Operational Address: Such as Rm, Building, Street, City, Country, Zip Code.

Year Company Registered: was founded in 2012, so it is selected.

Total No. Employees: Less than 10 people for currently, so “6-10 People” is selected.

Company Website: The website of is

Company Logo: Click “BROWSE” to choose your logo and upload. It is better in white background and within 100k.

Detailed Company Introduction: Enter detailed introduction of your company including its advantages and unique differences to make it outstanding.

Contact Person: This link can both be hidden and displayed. Some has already been filled in when you register the account, you can further improve it as follows:

Gender: Male or Female

Department: Sales, Purchasing, Technical & Engineering, Administrative, Marketing, Production and Others.

Job Title: It is up to you.

Contact Address: It may be different or same with the Operational Address. As for, both are the same. So we choose “Same as Operational Address”, and then it is filled in automatically.

Once completed, click “Next” to enter “Factory Information”.

Factory Information
If the “Business Type” selected in above basic information does not include “Manufacturer”, the system will ask you “Do You Own/Cooperate with a Factory?”. has no factory, so “NO” is ticked. If you are manufacturer, yes is already ticked by default, and you can fill in details as follows:
Factory Location: If same with your Operational Address, choose “Same as Operational Address” and it will be filled in automatically.

Factory Size: It is the factory floor space, available to select from below 1,000 square meters to above 100,000 square meters.

Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered and Buyer Label Offered.

No. of QC Staff: Available to select from Fewer Than 5 People to Above 50 People.
No. of R&D Staff: same as above.
No. of Production Lines: Available to select from 1 to Above 10.
Annual Output Value: Available to select from Below US$1 Million to Above US$100 Million.
Once completed, click “Next” to enter Trade Information.

Trade Information has no trade information, but certainly yes for you.

Total Annual Sale Volume: Available to select from Below US$1 Million to Above US$100 Million.
Export Percentage: Available to select from 0 to 100%.
No. of Staff in Trade Dept.: Available to select from Fewer Than 5 People to Above 50 People.

Main Market: From left to right, up to down, it is North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Central America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, South Asia, and Domestic Market.

Industries Focused: From left to right and up to down, it is Abrasives, Abrasive Products, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Goods, Construction, Chemical, Defense, Electronics, Environment & Recycling, Fabrication, Foundry, Healthcare, Iron & Steel, Lasers & Optics, Mining & Tunneling, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Road Maintenance, Rail Industry, Refractory, Ship-building, Wood Industry, Utilities & Power and Other.

Nearest Port: eg. Tianjin.
Average Lead Time: Fill it or select the days.
Minimum Order Value: Available to select from >US$ 100 to > US$40,000.

Accepted Delivery Terms: Tick one or more options based on your actual demand.
Accepted Payment Type: Also tick one or more options based on your actual demand.

Language Spoken: From left to right, up to down, it is English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, Korean, Hindi and Italian.

Once completed, click “Submit” to make it done! We will check and approve your submitted information within 24 hours. (Actually, it is almost done at once as long as during working days). During the process of approval, you can still post and manage your products. The details will be discussed in the following articles.

Once get approval, under your name on “My iAbrasive” member home, there is a “My Store” link, then just click it to preview. Here, a newly-born abrasives online store springs up. Click here to view online store.

Next, post the first product for your online store.

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