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Published: 08th May 2020
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Starting a website involves different aspects, out of which SEO is of high effect for the successful functioning of the website. Policies have changed which affect the running of the online websites. When it comes to SEO, most business owners now know about the effect SEO process in terms of web traffic and visibility.
SEO professionals can be hired to do the job or the website may stay in a Sand Box for long time away from visibility according to the policy of Google. Following are the different steps which when executed in professional way may place websites on top listings.

We heard the phrase that good content is king and that it has the most effect for an online website. Professional content can be included in the main page of the website, landing pages, product description pages and information pages. If the website is an e-commerce website, then each of the products can have a short description and the associated characteristics outlined with them. The content of a nice website can be nicely structured and define the purpose of the business structure. When it comes to SEO, then the content length for the landing pages has a lot of effect and cannot be less than 300 words. It may happen that the content of a webpage appears on other webpage and it is not unique. There are some tools for checking content duplicity such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider tools and Google Webmaster Tools.

Various types of the style codes can be coded professionally in the main style sheet. Such a step surely affects the website in two ways. The content is consistently styled and editing becomes easy when style changing occurs.

Meta Titles:
Meta titles are the first contents which get displayed during search results on any of the search engines. Thus, a Meta title can be descriptive and SEO oriented.

Meta Descriptions:
Meta description can be well-written and designed in a manner that it defines what the user usually searches for in a particular field.

Heading tags (H1, H2-H6):
Heading tags Affect SEO and readability of web pages in addition to enabling the users to understand the content easily.

Descriptive URLs:
A business selling electric items can have the landing page as that affects the SEO process.

Checking Page Errors:
When a new website gets launched, it is common that 4xx and xx errors do take place. Scanning the web pages for any of these errors and managing accordingly may result in smooth running of the website.

Internal Links:
Checking that the web pages are linked equally because internal links and anchor texts have a lot of SEO effect.

On-Site Local SEO:
A key factor for an online business that the website contains separate webpages for different locations.

Website Speed:
It is a fact that the speed of the website is of high effect as it is considered to be a ranking factor. A Fast website directly affects the user experience when online users visit the website which in turns affects the SEO process in terms of marketing plan. If you live in Australia for example and want to be successful online, what a renowned Australian SEO Company does is given as follows:

- Keeps the code away from complexity.
- Chooses professionally a host in Australia.
- Uses CSS3 to get similar effects and avoids inserting slow loading images.
- Minimizes JS, HTML and CSS files.
- Uses Google’s webpage speed tool and makes use of database caching to speed up server response.

Responsive Webdesign:
A website which has a responsive design is accessible to searches done through mobile devices and this eventually affects the web traffic and the ranking of the website.

Popular for many online businesses and practically speaking it is of high effect indeed. A newly launched website can have such a content management system which consists of an incorporated blog option. The existence of a good blog strengthens a particular brand.

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