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Published: 06th February 2017
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The importance of SEO tools can't be denied by any of the online marketer nowadays as they can truly help in doing many tasks easily and hence improve productivity and time. There are many types of tools are present online for free and paid as well.

Following are some tools which help with SEO for your website most:-

Google Analytics:-
It is the free and easy tool of Google, which used to track information about the way visitors locate the website. By using Google analytics you can find what are the keywords used by the visitors. With the help of this tool you can identify your target audience. Audience report allows you to determine your perception is correct or not. By understanding how visitor use your website, you can improve your website usability as per the satisfaction of users. Google Analytics is a very worth tool for SEO.
Google Web master Tools:-
It is the free tool offered by the Google to help you and your webmaster to monitor your website. It allows you to communicate with Google and adjust many aspects of how Google see your site. It allows you to see external and internal links on your site, Adjust the crawl rate as per Google, see your site statistics, click the rate of each keyword, etc. Google webmaster provides you the report showing all the links pointing to your site, good as well as bad links. You can also use the data to ensure which links can point to your website. It makes available the errors, warnings and notifications from Google on your Google Search Console through the message. Google webmaster is a very effective and efficient tool for the SEO of your website.
Google Keyword Planner:-
It is the tool helps in building the new search network campaigns or expanding the existing ones. By using Keyword planner, you can analyze the performance of a number of keywords which may help to organize the keywords for your site. It allows you to see the performance of the keywords that you are using and make available the suggestion of keywords for your website. It also provides the historical statistics and traffic forecast, which helps in deciding which keyword can be used for new or existing campaign. You can also use it to see what the keywords that your competitor are using are. Keyword planner is a free and wonderful tool for people looking for niche markets.
It is a tool used for managing the social media network channels. Hootsuite is the social media management system which enables you to monitor what people are saying about your social presence and also helps you to respond instantly. It allows you to monitor multiple streaming of multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. at one place. You can post updates, read responses, schedule messages, view statistics, and much more at one place. Houtsuite's unique analytics feature gives you the detail view of how well your social media strategy is working. Hooutsuite is a very supportive tool for managing social media awareness of your website.

Moz-Open Site Explorer:
It is the tool helps in analyzing the backlink profile of your website. This tool shows the internal architecture of the website. It has the ability to show competitor data side by side. You can analyze up to 4 competitors at one time. This helps in identifying which link you may be able to get quickly. Moztrust, feature of the tool helps you identify that your site is trusted or not. This tool also provides you the solution for your SEO, marketing and web development problem.
So use the amazing SEO tools to get benefit from them for your website.

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