Simple Tips On How to get the most out of your eBay Listing Design

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Published: 17th June 2015
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How To Make The Most Of Your eBay Template Design

As an eBay seller, you are always looking to find the best way to stand out from the crowd and encourage customers buy your products. Itís a common dilemma - you know that you have top quality products, so how do you get customers notice your products?
E-store Design, professional eBay solutions providers, share priceless advice on how to get the most out of your eBay Listing with eBay templates.

Step By Step Guide On Getting Maximum Potential From Your eBay Templates

1. Do your research. Before listing your products on eBay, do some research.
- eBay provides a lot of free information which you will find useful. View how products similar to yours are displayed, see why some got sold and others didnít. Learn from othersí mistakes and get inspired by success stories.
- Terapeak research. This third party application is a great research tool for eBay sellers. Data provides information from already closed sales dating back 365 days.
- Have you listened to eBay radio? They have many guest speakers that share their insider tips and provide many valuable secrets to selling online.
- Test as you go. Do it yourself. Test various strategies to see what works for you and what doesnít. What marketing strategies lead to more sales etc. Take risks Ė it will pay off at the finish line.
- Act like a buyer. The easiest way to see what appeals to customers is to be that customer. See what attracts your attention, analyse and learn.

2. Get to the top of search results.
- Choose the right categories. There are over 50,000 categories on eBay, so make sure you are listed in the right one.
- Create descriptive, customer friendly titles with keywords relevant to your items.
- Price. Choose your price category: Auction, Fixed Price or Charitable Donations.
- Attach photos. Your products will sell better if you include product photos from different angles. People like to see what they are buying.
- Other factors. Other search factors might include product colour, model, size etc.

3. Make your buyers curious and excited about your products.
- Include photos. Sometimes customers are worried about items being genuine. Photos allow buyers to see the product from various angles and reassure them the item is of genuine quality.
- Returns. People like knowing that they can return the item if they donít like it or it doesnít fit in size. Offer fair return time and be clear on your return policies.
- Shipping. Always state the estimated delivery time and price. eBay research shows that people value free delivery, and are more likely to choose your product over the same product from other seller if you offer free delivery.
- eBay templates. You should find out which template is most customer friendly and stick with it. Customers like consistency so donít change your template dramatically every time you add new product. Easy to read fonts also ensure your page appeals to customers.

4. Completing the sale. Selling is important, but you also want to create an enjoyable shopping experience so that people want to buy from you again. Think carefully about how you deliver your products Ė packing your products nicely and using branded packaging will help ensure you are remembered positively by your customer.

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