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Published: 06th February 2017
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Be inspired by our design fronts Customize your wardrobe, your design and your goals. Here the possibilities are endless. With over 20 different fillings can personalize and design doors to suit your room. All doors are supplied with derailment protection, double wheels up, safety film mirror and glass, and up to 20 years warranty. Then brush the dust of empty deck, take aim, stopped by one of our inspiring shops and book your dream wardrobe today. You can also call 45 11 November 11 for free home visits , where we take care of the measurement and helps you with your dream wardrobe. We have short delivery times and of course an incredibly good price.

Inclined Doors
We help you with all your wardrobe challenges, and sliding doors to the pitched roof are we experts. It is not always easy to furnish rooms with sloping ceilings, but we in cabinet Nett has for many years in the industry become experts on this. Whether the roof is low and the slope is steep, we always find a solution. Whether it is in the attic, under the stairs or on the top floor, we will help you to utilize all the rooms and at an incredibly good price. With us it's not expensive to get your wardrobe just the way you want. Pay a visit one of our shops or go to the free home visits and we will send our expert.

If you want you sliding doors and furnishing your Walk-in wardrobe, so we have a wide selection of both sliding doors and interior . Of decor you can choose between BoMann® Furniture Decor, Norscan® Roller series and Norscan® Wall-mounted Drawer System. BoMann® Furniture Interior can be easily combined with Norscan® Roller series. Wire baskets, shoe racks and trouser hanger can be easily mounted on the rails for furniture decor. BoMann® Quality provides a lifetime warranty on casters and wheels, 30-year warranty against malfunction Norscan® products and purchases Act 5 year warranty on all other products.

If you have a narrow range to make your closet on, is folding a very good solution. Providing maximum access into cabinet while furnishing space optimally exploited. Folding doors made of profile Pacific and can be made with any type door shuts and crossbars. Cabinet Net is the only supplier of this type of folding doors. Max helbredde is 1 meter and you can choose whether the hinges to be mounted on the right or left side.

Hinged doors are suitable for many purposes and can be made ​​in most altitudes. Hinged doors made ​​of profile Pacific , and can be attached both right and left side, for what you need. Can be made ​​with any type of door shuts and crossbars. Maximum width of hinged doors is 80 cm.

BoMann® Classic doors are supplied in painted MDF that gives a classic, beautiful and serene expression. Here you can get the top part with mirror, or the entire door painted. These doors are supplied white painted as standard but can be painted in other colors at extra cost. Customer delivers even paint. Classic doors can only be made with up to 100 cm width of each door.


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