Smart way to invest in ecommerce website design

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Internet world has been overcrowded with ecommerce web design with the raising numbers of websites released to lead the business. This is the best way in todayís world where many people spend their time browsing the internet. If you are one among them looking forward to design a site then you need to do lot of home work to get the things done with smart investment.

Appealing design: Before handing over the requirement to the designers, create a overview of the look of website. Draw a rough sketch on a paper and make changes so that the site creates a good appealing for the first time visitors. There are numerous website on the network where people can find their required products and buy them instantly. If you want your customers to drop any of the existing sites and use your website, then the design plays a very important role. In this aspect many people make a wrong decision to include graphics and flash videos which are pleasing to eyes. But these elements will reduce the performance of the website thereby taking more time to load the pages. Instead make use of unique images and creative logo for the website. Most of the ecommerce web designing companies will be having photo editors who can design logos based on the concept of the website. Take help of them and make good visuals. Also the text displayed in the website should have good appealing. Decide the simple font which will not hurt the visitorís eyes after spending more time on the website.

Easy usage: This is the vital component of any websites. When a visitor lands on the website they should be able to navigate through out the website and find their required things. Create a attractive and user friendly menu bar where people can see and decide where they are supposed to navigate to find the things. Create proper category and group the related products in sub categories so that it is easy for the visitor to view them. Create a decent template with side bars where one can display the related products so that clicks on the website will increase which will give more profit with sales.

Describe the product well: Create a proper layout for showcasing the products sold on the website. Give a separate section to display the image and text area to describe the product and its features. Ecommerce solutions should describe the products well with SEO optimized content. This will help the search engines to find the pages and cache them so that when a user searched the product, your website page will be listed first. To be clearer with the product, give a option to zoom the productís image. Keep the size of the image less so that when the website grows big, the images should not create more load on the website. Optimise the images well by making use of online image-optimizer where the quality of the image will not be reduced when the size is decreased.

Reduce the clicks: Ecommerce Website Design should take very less clicks for the visitors to check out the product. Give a simple checkout process which will make the visitors to visit your website again and again to get quick service. Do not use any popup or alert messages to promote the products because visitors will feel that your business is to gain profit more compared to the quality of the service. When they need to click more and more to close the unwanted popup, it will frustrate any visitors which will potentially reduce the future business. Be simple in site and make more profit.

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