So, Why Are Rooflights Becoming So Popular In The UK?

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Published: 30th April 2020
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Recently, installing a rooflight seems to be one of the most popular home improvements in the UK. Roof lights, also known as a skylight, has many unique properties, technicalities and designs, allowing them to quickly become extremely popular.

A skylight is a beautiful addition to your home. They allow you to easily welcome sunlight into your home through it’s beautiful glass structure, and by selecting a few rooms in your home to install a skylight, your home will be flooded with natural light. It’s proven that a skylight can let in up to 45 more light when compared to an average window, making your home appear more open, clean, and exquisite.

It’s no wonder rooflights have soaring popularity in the architectural circle, and this is easily proven when you see the benefits in which they offer. Not only do they benefit you with receiving masses of sunlight, they also help bring down the cost of your energy consumption. This is due to the amount of natural light you gain from a skylight - meaning you are reducing the use of artificial lighting, and over time lowering the cost of your electricity bills. Also, as a rooflight allows natural light to reach every corner of your house, it makes minimal chance of living in a damp area, and keeps your home feeling fresh and airy.

A skylight is also designed to be brilliant in all weather. They do not allow the muggy summer heat or harsh winter breezes to enter your home, whilst also restricting any noise or polluted air to a very large extent.

Although enhancing your home aesthetically, rooflights also provide safety and security to those inside, and for peace of mind can also be linked to sensors an fire alarms. You can also opt for optional tamper proof hinges and security bars.

There are many types of skylight available on the market, the most common one being the fixed skylight, mainly installed for natural lighting. Also available to you are the pyramid, flat, round, dome and ridge rooflight, all with the option of being framed or frameless.

You may assume that their highly innovative technology is costly, however the best part is that they do not burn a hole in your pocket! Depending on the customers budget, they are various add-ons and options available. There are many ‘do-it yourself’ manuals online for installing rooflights, however it is always bets to seek an experts advice and guidance.

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