Solar Path Lights

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Published: 17th August 2014
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If you have a nice back garden with a few paths winding their way around the garden and decorating the back yard with some pretty little walkways, you will probably have heard of solar path lights. In recent years solar lighting for pathways has become immensely popular as a form of garden furniture decoration.

Solar path lights are cheap and use a renewable source of energy, one that is solar power. That's right, those solar path lights we all see winding around garden paths or pavements and walkways in some front areas of small companies are powered by the sun.

The only cost to the owner of a solar light that decorates your garden path is the initial outlay of the solar light itself. There will be times when you'll need to replace the battery every now and again. But replacing the battery is only performed very seldom as the sun's rays actually charge the battery up during the day so that by night, the light illuminate the path or the area where you have positioned them.

As the popularity of using solar lights continues unabated, the cost of buying a solar light for your path is coming down. A few years ago when solar lights were not quite all the rage, they were deemed very expensive. The solar path lights were not being mass produced and the orders from shops were few and far between. But it was not long before the solar light fascination really took hold.

It was around about the time of the financial world collapse in late 2007 that money became tighter and people began to find every means possible to save their pennies. As if things were not bad enough, the cost of electricity began to soar. In Britain and America, the cost of electricity has soared to the point where it has affected our inflation figures. One of the many reasons why electricity prices have soared beyond all reasonable sense is the rising cost of generating fuel. Coal for example was a key commodity many years ago in the UK, but when the mining industry was closed down during the 1980s much of the coal used then, now has to be imported in.

So with electricity prices going up in leaps and bounds, it was time for people to begin discovering ways of saving money when considering lighting up the garden pathways. Solar lights were just the answer and although there was a great deal of expense at first in buying the light in the first place, the running costs thereafter were practically nil.

Now with the popularity of solar garden path lights, the cost has come down as demand to buy these lights has gone up. It took perhaps longer than usual for some people to consider buying garden lights for the path that were solar powered. This was because many people feared the garden path solar lights would become the target from thieves. Especially as the lights would be out in the front gardens at night and very easily lifted out of the ground and so light and easy to simply walk off with in your hand.

Now that demand for solar garden path lights has soared, the cost has come down considerably. Another reason why its popularity has soared has been the rise and rise of the discount store. Since the financial crash and world economic slump which began around late 2007, discount stores and cheap low price shops sprung up across the country and one of the novelties it would sell was solar lights, specifically the ones that stick in the ground and illuminate our garden pathways.

The discount stores were able to sell these solar lights at a much reduced price than was previously available from lighting stores and electrical centres. With the cost now down to a reasonable level and availability from all the discount shops, the solar lights took off as a popular form of lighting.

However the option of solar lighting for your path does not have to be restricted to simply sticking a stake in the ground at all the key points with a solar light at its tip. If you have recently done some work on your garden with a rockery, steps and several flowering beds scattered around a lovely little trickling pond or water feature, you should consider completing the job by installing solar path lights. The solar path lights can be wired inside the wall cavity of the pathway that surrounds your rockery or you may wish to choose to have the solar path lights embedded within the wall itself.

The fact is that solar lights on your garden path will simply look really good and effective, particularly at night. Solar lights for your garden pathway will add a wonderful look to your garden at a very small cost.

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