Some App Store Optimization Tips That You May Ignore Before

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Published: 06th February 2017
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As an app developer you must know there are so many factors can affect app store optimization. Such things as your app name, keywords, ratings and the publisher name are very important to ASO. The goal of app store optimization is to ensure your app could be easily found in app store. There are two important factors of aso, one is app keywords and another is app description. I want to share you some tips of how to choose the best keywords and how to write a good description.

There are several aspects of aso services, including optimizing screenshots, optimizing your app icon and filtering negative reviews. But this post will concentrate only on the keyword selection process because it is the most measurable. Some developers use spaces and commas to separate words to avoid app store will read all their keywords as a giant nonsensical keyword. This is unnecessary and reduces the number of keywords you can use, since spaces are counted as characters.

When we look at the keywords that app publishers are using in their keyword lists, there is still a lot of confusion as to how to select the right keywords. So if the organic search component of your app marketing plan is not working as well as you would like, we will take an in-depth look at some app store specific ways to find quality keyword ideas and how to determine which ones will actually help you. App makers should use as many of the 100 allotted characters as possible. You are looking for every possible advantage, so even one or two more additional keywords can add to your organic search downloads. Remove all of the spaces between your keywords and add commas between every single word. App store keyword ranking can make your app stand out in app store.

The Apple search algorithm will automatically group keyword phrases, so you want to focus on getting as many keywords into the keyword field as possible. The name of your app and your company are already included in your keyword list by default, so you do not have to explicitly declare them in your keyword list. Only use the plural or singular version of a word, whichever is better, based on the criteria outlined in the previous section.

App description also is an important part of aso. The good app description can attract your potential customer then apps ranking will be increased. Of course, a great description needs complimentary screenshots, which show off your app as being beautifully designed and easy to use. The app description is obviously there to give potential customers some insight into exactly what your app is and what it does. But the app description is a chance to pitch for app makers. You have to sell the idea. You have to tell people why they should download your app instead of another. Localizing your app description is a relatively cheap and easy way to boost downloads and there's really no downside.

Make sure you engage a professional localization firm because you want to ensure that your app description copy has the same seductive appeal and nuance in every language, and a direct translation will not achieve that.

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