Some Exceptional Money-Making Ways

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Published: 17th May 2020
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There are many ways to make money on the earth. Some of them are exceptional for you to expect its existence. Now I want to share two of them I know with you.
First, put makeups for dead person:
In China there is a career that most people dare not to do, that is to do cosmetics for past person. To have the lost person put up beautiful makeups is the final respect for them to say farewell to the world before their coffin lips are sealed. You can never imagine that among these maker-ups, there are women who takes this career.
Second, inspect the environment, service, food quality, hygiene etc.:
There is a group of person who love traveling, have acute insight and are fond of sharing. There is a tailored career for them, that is to have a comprehensive evaluation of a hotel. They need to inspect the hygiene, catering, internet quality, air conditioner, showering place about whether they are qualified for their customers to live in.
Of course there are many other jobs that we do not know its existence like we can make money by playing games(Dota, League of Legends). We can also make money by simply download apps on our phone(Trymyapps, FMA). We can eat food online to make money. The list goes on.

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