Some of the best healthy snacks for you

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Published: 30th April 2020
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Healthy snacking is an area where we often go wrong and end up putting on more weight as a result.

When it comes to consuming healthy food, most of us are well clued into the latest health trends and adhere to controlled and well informed diet routines. However, snacking is an area which we neglect and this undermines all our efforts to lose weight or keep our weight in check. Healthy snacking is an imperative if you want to stay fit and healthy for longer. We often neglect what we put into our bodies casually as snacks and this can have an adverse effect on our overall health. Imagine wolfing down an oily pakora or even a generously butter laced paratha roll? This little indulgence and ignorance is enough to make all your gymming and dieting null and void in minutes. You have to be more aware of healthy snacking options and make an effort to carry the same from home or store these snacks in your office cubicle or even in your car if you are travelling throughout the day.

You should steer clear of oily snacks that contain the bad omega 3 fatty acids and cholesterol. This includes most fried stuff from roadside joints or even at home. If you cannot help it, try using healthy dressings to counter the effect to some extent. Apricots and almonds are great snacking options for you on a regular basis. Almonds are rich sources of both fiber and protein and give you vitamin E and magnesium as well while apricots contain carotenes which have been known to combat throat and lung cancer while injecting much needed calcium, potassium, phosphorous, silicon and Vitamin C into the body. However, go for dried apricots instead of fresh ones if possible owing to better nutrient concentration. You can combine almonds and apricots together into a healthy and filling snack for all those times when you’re suddenly grumpy due to sudden hunger pangs.

If you’re looking to buy cholesterol free foods, you should definitely consider Nutralite which has really healthy table margarine along with other low cholesterol and hydrogenated fat free table dressings. You can add these healthy dressings to your parathas and breads if you cannot do without the carbs. You can even add these dressings to salads if they taste too bland otherwise. This makes for an appetizing snack in itself. Use these dressings instead of peanut butter on garlic bread or brown bread to make your own healthy snack. You can also consider yoghurt and dark chocolate if you like tasty yet healthy tidbits on the move.

Shivani Shetty is a trained nutritionist and advises contemporary individuals on weight management, healthy snacking and more.

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