Some Walkthrough for Cut The Rope Players

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Published: 05th February 2017
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Cut the rope now can be played on iphone, ipad and itouch and has become a really popular one in mobile game marketing. Have you played before, if not, we must refer the game to you. What we need to do is to Help the Om Nom eat the yummy candy by strategically cutting the rope and using the different devices provided to you to solve the puzzle allowing the candy to land right in the Om Nom's mouth. And here we would like to share some cut the rope cheats with you. Hope you can enjoy the game.

First, we want to introduce some guide can help you start the game:
.Once you have made free mobile game download and installed the game you will notice that you have the option to sign up for a Crystal account.
.If you choose to sign up for the Crystal account you can participate in score leader board, win awards, publish your accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter, search for friend that play the game in your contact list, and send Challenges to your friends.
.Tap on "Enable Crystal" to sign up.
.You will need to enter your user name, password and email address to register. You will be sent an email to verify you account and once you click on the link provided you are ready to begin playing the game.
.There are 4 boxes each representing the next difficulty level of the game.
.You start out with the Om Nom delivered to your front door in a Cardboard box. Once you earn at least 30 stars (You can earn 3 stars for each turn maximum and there are 25 levels to earn a max of 75 stars.
.Once you earn at least 30 stars you will unlock the second box which is the Fabric Box, 80 stars from the Fabric box will unlock the Foil box, and 190 stars will unlock the Gift Box.
.More boxes are expected to be added to the game soon so watch for updates.

Then here are some tips about how to play cut the rope game:
.The object of the game is to have the candy attached to one or more pieces of string swing and hit 1 to 3 stars on the screen and then feed it to the Om Nom waiting somewhere on the screen by tossing it into his mouth.
.NOTE - As long as you at least capture 1 star and the Om Nom eat the candy you will pass the level and unlock the next one but it is best to keep at the puzzle until you can catch all 3 stars and then feed the Om Nom resulting in more points and more stars overall to unlock the next box of 25 levels. If you get frustrated you can move ahead and go back to a puzzle later to earn any additional stars you may have missed.

We will keep updating more cut the rope game tips for you. Hope these can provide you some inspiration when playing the game. By the way, if you want to play other mobile strategy games or mobile video games, feel free to check on our website, you can definitely find what you like. Have a good time with Cut the rope.

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