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Published: 25th April 2020
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AJ Auction Pro ?OOPD is the best auction software available anywhere on the world, well-renowned for its simplicity. With this product any non-technical person can launch an auction portal and maintain it. It powerful admin controls, communication features let you run the website effectively. It is full customizable design makes it more easy to personalize."

If you are looking for the best auction software anywhere on the web, here's an amazing opportunity to get a professional software package and start your own professional online auction with no programming skills. AJ Square Inc provide the new version AJ Auction OOPD V3 is the latest buy wow mounts online and most advanced Auction Script to set up an online auction site with excellent navigation features.

What is AJ Auction Pro ? How it works ?

AJ Auction Pro is the new generation e-auction portal software. It is a highly-configurable and full fledged auction software solution in the highly-competitive on-line auction portal markets. The software runs good in almost all famous browsers at a greater speed. Auction Script ?OOPD is a more secured way for buying and selling. Immense technical support and guidelines are provided in order to help you to navigate through the website with minimal effort. Allows financial transactions through multiple payment gateways.

AJ Auction Web 2.0: This tool helps you to create your wow power leveling cheap auction item with ease in your desk top and then upload to on line quickly. All the versions are made to built with templates so that it is easy to manage and no specific deeper technical skill is needed to run your auction site.

AJ Auction OOPD V3: It consists of number of features that it has easy customizable search engine, high reliability. It has separate management for setting commissions for every auction types. It maintains a separate filter for restricting bad words in the website.

AJ Auction Pro OOPD New Skin version: It is also referred as real time auction software which assuage the needs of existing and future clients. This tool gives successful and profitable auction business.

AJ Auction Pro OOPD: The Auction Script is a special kind of featured environment for buying and selling the product. This is mainly developed from the concept of OOPS. It has been well designed and engineered to accommodate several different business models with flexible customization.

Auction Software is developed on OOP (Object Oriented Programming), that uses objects and their interactions ensuring the robustness & scalability. OOPD has intensive-security, bug-free program packed and Fully Customizable features.

More Features List:

Quick and advanced search utility.

Complete auctions management.

eBay User Feedback.

Bidders can watch items and track them.

Bidders can view feedback of there sellers before purchase/bid

AJ Auction Script help you build your own online Auction.

AJSCPL is a major player in cheapest swtor credits web-ware products like auction, classifieds, E-commerce, CMS and Investment planner tools to cater the #dhcb@wwurnc#!%12344@wyating specific need of verticals, delivering business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality framework and service delivery innovation.

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