Sore Muscles? How to Eliminate Muscle Soreness!

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Published: 04th December 2016
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I am competitive woman and love being active. I hate it when my muscle soreness slows me down. I find that when I push my bike ride an extra couple of hours or roller blade around the lake 5 times because of a challenge, that my legs and lower back are letting me know that I went too far. When my muscles are overworked and the oxygen levels in my body are lowered, the lactic acid builds up making my muscles stiff, sore and hard to move. Does that happen to you?
These types of changes to my exercise routine are the cause for my muscle soreness. I'm either overworking the muscle or causing a strain which creates my pain. I have tried hot and cold compresses. The problem I have with this process is that it makes me sit for 20 minutes during each application and the relief is usually short lived. Who has the time for that? There are pain relievers but they don't provide instant relief and can hurt my body long term. Not the solution I'm looking for. So I have been putting time into researching other more natural options.
I believe that I have found the solution for me. Pure organic essential oils! I found that they really helped to make my sore muscles feel normal after exercising. I apply the oil prior to exercising and don't have any issues. I don't have to worry about any soreness.
By applying essential oils prior to the activity it has proven to be invigorating and refreshing. Essential oils are a natural solution that allows me to go out and enjoy my activity of the day and know that my muscles will feel fine in 48 hours. I have more energy and feel empowered. I layer the essential oils in the areas that I have experienced muscle soreness in the past. What makes me happy is that when I'm done with my workout I'm still feeling fresh and ready to go! There is an added benefit. When I wear the oils I am being asked what I'm wearing because I smell so good. The people around me are gaining the benefits as well because they are inhaling the scent which is another application method. If you want to know more and understand why I'm so excited about this product check out my website.
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