Spotting the Differences Between a Fully-Furnished Apartment and a Full-Serviced Rental

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Published: 25th June 2015
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Business travelers these days who are trying to stick to a budget often find searching for the best accommodations more challenging than preparing a Powerpoint presentation for their biggest clients. With rates for a decent hotel being as high as they are, it can be difficult to find accommodations that wonít put a dent on their operational expenses but at the same time fulfill their need for privacy and good service.

But that was before the advent of fully-furnished apartments, like those you find on sites like Thanks to the innovative and enterprising souls who thought of this idea, business travelers now have a new option to consider if they want cheaper accommodations that also offer the comfort and service level of five-star hotels only with more space and more privacy. While room service and fees for extra services are what comprise the bulk of hotel rates, fully-furnished apartments offer all those under a packaged rate but room service is something more you do on your own since you cook your own meals and fix your own bed.

You can also choose the number of bedrooms you wish to have and it wouldnít change the rental price one bit. All of them are also conveniently located near business centers or districts and if you wish to further scale down your expenses, you can rent apartments that are big enough to serve as conference centers or function rooms for those hours-long business meetings. When you go to West Precinct website, you will also find that they are located near tourist spots as well so you can relax and unwind after a long day of meetings and conferences.

However, despite the rise of these new types of accommodations, there are still some differences that people donít usually notice between fully-furnished apartments and full-service rentals. Both already come fully-furnished complete with a fully-equipped kitchen as well as dinnerware and silverware and both are definitely less expensive than hotel rooms but apparently, the differences end there.

While fully-furnished apartments are basically a do-it-all-yourself enterprise, full-service rentals are quite the opposite as what you will see when you log on to the West Precinct website. Full-service rentals include a 24/7 doorman and porters to carry your luggage and offer parking services. They also include amenities and facilities like a pool, gym and storage. Their clientele as well ranges from corporate executives to popular movie and TV actors who have large budget options.

Full-service rentals also come in subcategories to cater specifically to different accommodation requirements. There are the condotels, aparthotels and extended stay hotels that can range from budget hotels to studio-type apartments and can accommodate from one person to families with one to four kids whose length of stay will not exceed a month.

Going back to fully-furnished apartments like those on the West Precinct website, they on the other hand, will accommodate guests who will stay for more than a month or two. They offer distinct style and comfort for their exclusively corporate clientele although you can go ahead and request for cleaning service at an extra cost if you wish.

They, like full-serviced rentals also come with all the necessary furnishings, and may also have gym facilities and parking is no problems since you can choose to rent apartments with garages if you want to bring your cars. Even if you donít have your own car, the West Precinct apartments are conveniently located near transportation depots where buses and ferries abound to take you where you need to go. You can visit this website for more information and see for yourself what advantages are available to you when you rent fully-furnished apartments.

You will be able to find both fully-furnished apartments and full-serviced rentals that will cater specifically to your needs. Finding them is no hardship as well since you will find many companies online or off. While most travelers prefer the speed, ease and convenience of online booking, you can also find them through the yellow pages or through reputable real estate companies who would know the properties in and out and thus be able to answer any questions you may have. You can also visit and find exactly what youíre looking for.

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