SSSPL provides complete surveillance solution for clients

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Published: 18th June 2015
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Rahul Gupta
Managing Director,

The Indian surveillance market, which is about 30% of the security industry, is seeing a shift from analog to IP-based surveillance. Currently, IP-based surveillance market in India is valued at about $50–60 million and is expected to grow at 45% year on year for at least next four to five years. According to ASSOCHAM, corporates are likely to increase their security budgets by 35–40%. Also, Gartner estimated a CAGR of 16.4% for the Indian security market between 2008 and 2013.

In this scenario, the demand for security equipment has increased by 10–15% and the private security industry in India is expected to touch Rs.50,000 crore by 2013 with 125% growth as opposed to the 25% which has been the norm for the past five years.

The Right Approach

SSSPL (Smile Security & Surveillance Pvt. Ltd.) has been in business for the last 8 years. “In this industry, we categorize ourselves as system integrator and need-based solution provider. We provide services based on quality – and not quantity. Due to operating in a very niche category of this industry, we do not have any significant percentage in terms of market share. One such very niche category of our business is providing ‘Security in Surveillance’ and in this space, we are now working with many international partners and exporting as well,” says Rahul Gupta, MD, SSSPL.

USP of SSSPL Cameras

It is not just about the cameras when we talk of a good surveillance solution. It involves multiple aspects. “We do not claim any difference in products (CCTV cameras) that we use. Having said that, we use some really innovative homegrown technologies and offer very advanced solution implementation techniques to mark the difference. The difference in our solutions are in terms of solution design, customer getting what they want with ease of operation and most economical backend infrastructure with the least amount of false alarms. In addition, we also offer high level security in our surveillance solution through encrypted video transmission. This prevents unauthorized people from accessing the sensitive data,” asserts Rahul.

SSSPL does not deal with only hardware but instead provides complete surveillance solution for clients. However, on the basis of client’s requirement, its solutions include cameras ranging in categories like C/CS Mount Cameras, Day/Night Cameras, Dome Cameras, IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Number Plate Detection Cameras and Spy Cameras.

In each category, they are further divided on the basis of clarity (SD vs HD vs VGA), manoeuvrability, precision, remote access, etc. Our cameras include all of these features, but what we offer our customers is not just a standard piece of equipment. It is customized to the last detail on the basis of customer requirement.

Business Potential for Vendors

The market is exponentially growing. All major reports on Security and Surveillance industry highlight this fact. “We also know the importance and contribution of vendors in market. In such scenario, I believe there is a huge potential for vendors in this industry,” he adds.

Opportunities for Channel

As for the channels who distribute surveillance related products, “I feel that the Indian market is already overcrowded. What we need is better system integrators and software development companies in this space as the main differentiator on a long-term basis is not just in hardware,” opines Rahul.

The road ahead

Rahul says, “There is enough for everyone in this industry and everyone has a fair chance to grow as well. Our products are of the best quality possible and market has a huge potential. Currently, the competition is not intense. Also, our aim is to see SSSPL in the top three companies in the Indian Security and Surveillance industry in the coming 10 years and we are very much working towards it.”

SSSPL has a small but very impressive list of customers ranging from sectors like Retail, Education, Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment and Warehousing. Each of these categories has specific and unique needs and that is what the company delivers through its solutions. The company is planning to serve more customers from these categories. It is also planning to expand its horizon to categories including Safe City, Surveillance solutions, GPS tracking installed in public transport, other vehicles and cooperative banks.

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