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Published: 08th April 2015
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Always stay alert to the surroundings and the people around you. Although you are thinking about a thousand things and rushing around, never park your vehicle in remote areas. Always park in a high pedestrian activity area. This will eliminate the chances of break in of your car. And best of all high traffic areas help in eliminating being robbed or attacked.

Even if you are gone for only a few minutes, close all windows and lock your car. Never leave loose change in site, because a hunger street person will be break car windows just for a meal ticket.

If sold and reprogrammed, a cell phone is a one the most sought out item to be stolen. Drug users look for high end technical devices such as laptop computers or i pads. Easy to pawn and gives the drug user a quick fix at your expense. Lock all packages, cell phones, laptop computers, and i pads in the trunk of your car. If out of sight it will be out of mind. A locked car will stop the average thief, because they are a simple opportunist looking for a free load – UNLOCKED VEHICLE.

Always wait in a busy area that is well lit when waiting for a ride from a friend or waiting for city bus service. Never wait on unlit corners or non busy areas because robbers and rapists like areas where there are not any people. Plus darken areas can make it easier to attack you. If you must wait for any type of transportation when on vacation, carry a defensive spray like Pepper Shot 10% Pepper Spray .5 Ounce Black Leather Holster.

Educate and teach your children to go to a store clerk, policeman ask for help if they become separated while shopping. In still in them to never go to the parking lot or to the car alone.

Never carry large amounts of cash! When possible pay for purchases with a credit card or with a check. And if the credit card receipt has carbons, ask for the carbons too. Immediately report to the issuers or the bank if your credit card is lost, stolen, or misused.

Be careful of purses and wallets in crowded shopping areas, bus stops and on public transportation. Pick pockets and purse thieves love this type of areas. For men put wallets in your front pockets and for women hang onto the purse like it is your life.

When you leave your home for two weeks or more, have automatic timers turn on some lights, a radio, and maybe even a television. Have a neighbor watch your home, pick up newspapers, mail, and feed your pets. The idea is to give an appearance of a “lived in” look for anyone passing by. If a burglar sees a well lit house, he will pass on to better pickings

Lock all doors and windows to your house when you leave. Set the security alarm and if a neighbor is checking your house, ensure that he knows how to rearm the security system.

If your home is broken into the response time for police to respond to the call is about 8 to 10 minutes. A good burglar will spend less then 7 minutes in a house. So here you have a busted in door and some items taken. A home owners insurance policy will cover the stolen items but very seldom will they pay for damage done to doors and windows. That can cost a home owner $1500 to $5000 to fix. A simple Home Safe Barking Dog Alarm would stop the thief. This multifunctional Barking Dog Alarm system uses an electronic radar-wave sense control. When an intruder enters the guarded area, it automatically begins barking like an angry dog. A thief will move onto easier pickings before tangling with a dog. And best of all no damage is done to your home.

Follow these simple suggestions will help you in a safe holiday.

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