Staying in Lombok: Hotel vs Villa

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Lombok is not only famous for its beaches and coastal adventure. This beautiful island located in the east of Bali is also known for its hiking trail over the volcano of Rinjani. The wide forests and the lakes around the mountainous area are not less amazing then the view of the clear ocean, colorful fishes, intricate corals, and surfing. It has become something of a debate lately: where should you stay in Lombok? Should you book a room in a hotel, or should you go to some Lombok villa rental?

Renting a Villa: Pros and Cons
One thing that stands out most from renting a villa is that you are fully isolated in your space. The vacation will be more intimate and personal as you do not have to communicate with the outside world if you do not want to. It is like having your own house just several feet away from your house. Who does not want that, really?

On the other hand, renting a villa indeed cost more than your usual hotel. As a villa usually has its own land, you are rather far away from civilization, so you might have to walk a bit if you want to get something that is not provided by the Lombok villa rental you are staying at. Personally, however, I think having your own space and private beach is worth it.

Booking a Hotel: Pros and Cons
If you have a limited budget, a hotel is definitely the way to go. Villa has narrower price variation, and they are mostly from the upper category of price. As such, if you have limited budget, villa is definitely out of range. Hotels would have wider price range. Regardless your budget, there is always an offer for you in the market. However, in Lombok specifically, as it is not a big tourist destination, the price range will be narrower.

Let us be fair and compare hotel of the same price as villas. You will, most likely, get a pavilion of sort for yourself, complete with a patio. However, unlike Lombok villa rental, you will still have to share the beach with other guest. While it is true that you will get 24 / 7 service, you are not far away or isolated from crowd. When your purpose of vacation is to get some quiet—and Lombok is definitely the right place to go—a hotel might not be what you want. THE EASIEST WAY TO INVEST IN LOMBOK PROPERTY AND SUMBAWA REAL ESTATE.

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