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Published: 06th February 2017
Views: N/A is one of the most effective advertising networks online right now. Its popularity is growing exponentially as word gets out about how successful their ads and sales are. They are becoming known as one of the best ways for publishers and advertisers to have their ads, as prices go down and income goes up respectively.

They offer one of the highest yields for their publishers. Ninety percent (90%) of the profits are shared with publishers of advertisements on their networks. Additionally, they have developed a system to make sure that ads are targeted to the right audiences, making sure the ads and content complement one another perfectly.

The high profits and specific lead generation are drawing publishers in at record speeds to their new wave of Web 2.0 Contextual Advertising Solutions. On one hand, they allow almost any type of site to have an account. They do screen out adult content, illegal materials and social media sites unless the publisher can edit the page's code.

Any other site, blog or community forum can publish with, regardless of traffic or desired volume. They make it super simple to get your account going too, with a minimal time investment for a quick copy and paste of HTML code onto the target site. The publisher just has to add the code to their site(s) and fill out an application.

The approval process takes 1-4 weeks as long as the codes are in place. If they are not, the application will not be approved. Ads appear almost immediately upon approval. Basically, with just the desire to monetize your site and the most basic knowledge of page editing, you can start earning in days. You don't even need to start spending until you start profiting. could not be any easier or simpler anyone from people just starting out to stable owners or publishers trying to up their income from existing sites. They have a clearly explained 5 step process on the site to get started and you can even use the same code on numerous sites, for upto 3 ads per page. Payments are made once a month for every month in which you make more than $10. strives to make payments convenient for their account holders and will pay as desired with PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, or bank or wire transfers where necessary. And can even be used in combination with other advertising networks as long as the site allows multiple ad blocks and codes.

And even before you do get started earning, as soon as you create an account and have ads on your site, you can take advantage for their 24/7 live support team. There is always someone at to answer questions about the system, content or technical issues.

Depending on your content, updates with the best ads for your site, as soon as they come in with the highest bids, so they are constantly working to help you make more money. You just have to worry about keeping your site's quality up and the ads will be customized to fit right in and help you increase your income. is the next level in contextual advertising and with their advanced system and customized algorithms, they ensure that the matches are made that make everyone the most money

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