Student Loans are the New Bubble

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Published: 03rd April 2015
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Taken out student loans and struggling to pay them off?

Feel like the majority of people you know aren’t getting their dollars worth when it comes to college education?

Can’t find the right job?

Did you know student loans cannot be wiped clean with bankruptcy?

For people around the country, the majority of this nation with student loans debt, are facing problems and asking questions just like this.

Student Loans are getting MORE expensive

It is dumbfounding to turn on the news and hear politicians and leaders talk about how “kids are the future.” It is dumbfounding because, they sure aren’t treating us that way.

As of today July 1 2013 there are over 1 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Student loans far exceed credit card debt and automotive debt. Over 7 million currently enrolled college students depend on subsidized federal Stafford loans each year.
The interest rates on these loans are DOUBLING Today

If kids are the future of this country, then its pretty apparent that we wont have one.

As of today student loans debt and subsized governement loans are doubling from an interest rate of 3.4% to a whopping 6.8%.

This is appalling, considering that majority of people are already struggling to pay off their current baggage.

How are student loans any different from toxic subprime mortgages?

The same type of loans that were given to people that could not afford homes, taking out subprime mortgages, is the same type of situation we see today with student loans. Money is being given to people that they will never be able to pay back.

And you CANT wipe this one off with bankruptcy.

This is SLAVERY. You can call them indentured servants if you want, simply to use lighter terms but people are going to get stuck. With how the job market is today, we have kids with all this debt, going and competing for jobs against people that have been laid off with 10-15 years experience.

The children of America are being shafted.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine has stated that 55% of people that graduate from college are underemployed or unemployed for their first 4 years.

It is no wonder why 80% of college graduates go back and live at home until they are 26. This being compared to the baby-boomer generation whom 20% went back and lived with mom and dad.

We must find different ways to make money.

If you get stuck in the rat race then chances are you will not emerge. You will be stuck in a life of trading in your time for money and being told when to pee, eat, drink and sleep, and STILL be broke doing it.

Living a life of misery busting five days of the week, doing something you hate, and getting two days to relax; to do what you actually enjoy.

That means 2/7 days of the rest of your life, you will ACTUALLY be doing what you want

Over $1 trillion dollars is owed in student loan debt and 60 percent of that is owed by people over 30.

Now, wait until the news of today takes its toll a couple years down the road.

Interest rates doubling, this is going to change how people live their lives by a factor of S***.

It’s already happening.

If you think this is wrong and that something must be done, WE must spread awareness. Share this article and talk with your friends and family about what is really going on in the world.

Become more aware of your surroundings and realize the POWER in self-education.

The power of human potential is unfounded so lets go out there and change the way things are.

Learn to have multiple sources of income. Relying on one stream of income is a sure way to get stuck.

Join Me

If you agree that something needs to be done to change the way things are, and in addition you would like to work with me please contact me and watch this video at: “Changing Lives”

I hope you have become more aware of the times with the information I have shared with you and please feel free to comment, share, or just checkout my other blog posts at: “My Blog”

Lets fight student loans.
Lets help others with student loans.
Lets change the way student loans run people.
Lets get out of the student loans scam.

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