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Published: 05th February 2017
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What comes to your mind when you hear these words? Unconditional love. Human brain is complex and each brain is unique.Unconditional love is a universal concept with diluted interpretations.For some people unconditional love is loving someone with all their flaws,loving someone even if they drive you mad.then for some others it means loving someone even if they don't meet their idea of their perfect match.for some people it is loving someone even if they don't belong to the same caste,religion,race or even same gender and for some people it is loving someone without getting anything in return.However love is never easy and all forms of love should be respected.It is the easiest when two people are happily in love beacuse love conquers all. They will remove all obstacles and break all barriers and reach to hold hands with the one they love.But it only happens when TWO PEOPLE ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER.Loving someone who doesn't love you back,someone who doesn't understand your love,someone who doesn't even act receptive of your love,someone who doesn't return your calls or reply to your whatsapp messages and while doing all of this that someone is happily spending time with someone else,thinking of someone else,chatting with someone else while ignoring your messages.Would you still love that person? If your answer is Yes..that my friend is Unconditional love.some people will call it having lack of self respect or having lack of options.but love doesn't give you any option.where there is love,unconditional love,there is no don't get to choose everyday to love them or not.You wake up with their thought,You go on with your day but thinking of them every single second in the back of your mind.Like a minimized window screen,They are always there,never closed down.anything remotely related to them makes you miss them even more.It doesn't ‘remind you' of them.As I said they are always there like a minimized screen.You dream of them everynight.You want to share every single one of your experiences with them in detail.You want to tell them all of your acheivements to impress them but you can't and the frustration kills you.knowing that the love of your existence is making someone else smile while you look for a quite place to cry in the middle of the day or cry yourself to sleep everynight.Yes with all of this loving them is difficult and hazardous to your health and soul.But you can't help it.You still love them.That shows how courageous your heart is.Loving and getting nothing in return,Nothing,not even a little recognition of your love,is unconditional love.Getting nothing in return and being content with it.It is like loving God.No one has seen him but they love him.God doesn't send you good morning text messages everyday.He doesn't even send you any delievery report after your prayers saying ‘last seen at 7:30 A.M.'God deosn't tell you don't use stairs today my child you are going to fall down today.He doesn't even give you everything you want but you still love him.Your faith in him doesn't get any weaker.You see God giving everything that you asked for to your friend.You see God making others happy and not you but you don't hate him.You wait for your turn patiently.You believe that God will do what is best for you.And that faith gives you the courage to take risks.You trust your mother when she says give it your best,study hard and leave it to God.That is your unconditional love and your faith in God that keeps you going.If you cannot stop loving someone then it requires the love and faith of this level to keep you going.Love means nothing if you keep complaining about it.Fill your heart with so much love that there remains no place for anger,regret,jealousy,hatred,ego and humiliation.Thia is how you love God.This is how the famous hindu saint Meera loved kanha.Such love in Arabian is called 'Sufiyana'.Have faith in your love and you can take on the world.Alone.For those who aren't loved back this is the only form of love that will keep you going.That will keep you content.However if you can't do that then leave this path right now.turn and look for those who love you.For those who are receptive of anything that they get from you.Give them the abundance of love that you have to give,to share.All of us need love.Share your love with someone who is ready to share theirs with you.Life becomes beautiful with love that is shared.Any form of love is pure.

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