Surrogates for Gay Couples - What You Need To Know

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Published: 04th December 2016
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Either you like them or not, LBGT couples are the part of the society and thus, we should appreciate them as normal candidates because they are like common human beings but have different perception about their soul mate. Also, the likes and dislikes of the people cannot categorize him in abnormal or inferior category. Hence, we should show our support in them in various aspect of life while considering them as incredible part of our society.

Can Gay Couples have a Child?

Since gay marriages have been made legal in Canada, the law also gave t hem the rights to have their family. They can have their baby, but there are certain things which they will be required to give in written with respect to the future of their baby, which is as under:

The gay couples are bounded by the law, which in general terms state that - The gay couples must decide on the term that if they get separate after having the baby who will be taking the responsibility of the baby. In addition, they also have to make sure that who will be feeding the baby and who will be providing the financial funds for the same. If they both will not look at the baby, then they have to pay for the babies basic and other needs.

However, in such case the baby will be feed by the official government bodies or the government can even allow anyone to adopt the baby. But, the gay couple has to pay specific amount for the future of the child. Following the dedicated procedure, the gay couple can have baby by hiring the surrogate mother for gay couple.

If everything can go well with the gay couples, they can have their baby that genetically resembles with them. For the same purpose, the surrogate mothers are best option for them. The gay couples can have baby through gestational/traditional surrogacy process. But before moving further, we should have a quick look over different types of surrogacy option in Canada.

Traditional Surrogacy

In this procedure, the reproduction egg of the female and male sperm is injected in the uterus of the surrogate mother, which later results in making the surrogate mother pregnant. It is simple procedure with negligible clinical or medical risks.

However, in case of gay couples, it will be bit different as female candidate is missing. In such condition, sperm of the male candidates can be transferred to surrogate for gay couples through artificial insemenition procedure. Further, the sperm of the gay couples will fertilize the eggs of the surrogate mother and this is how, she will achieve the pregnancy.

Gestational Surrogacy Program

The purpose of this program is to allow a woman who is unable to carry her own child (due to some medical reasons), to have a biological child by having another woman carry the baby for her. In gestational surrogacy an embryo from the Intended Parents IPs is implanted into a surrogate mother through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment to achieve the pregnancy.

It is important to note that in Canada, which have a federal law which stipulates that payment of Egg Donors or Gestational Carriers for their services is prohibited beyond specific amount. Visit to know more about it.

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