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Sunglasses India

29th March 2011
Sunglasses in India and across the globe have become fashion statements though they are extremely beneficial for your eyes as well as they protect them against the harmful UV rays. Be it the Indian cricketers or your very own bollywood superstars, most of... Read >
Author: ketan28

Chintu Ji Marks the Return of Priyanshu Chatterjee

29th August 2009
Well, if you are thinking who Priyanshu Chatterjee is? Let me enlighten you with the fact that he is a model turned actor from Delhi. He made his debut in Bollywood in 2001 with Tum Bin which did a neat business at the Box Office. But thought the movi... Read >
Author: Suraj Kumar

Who Is A Bigger Brand: Shahrukh Khan Or Aamir Khan?

29th December 2008
Call them arch rivals or call them good friends, the Shahrukh Khan vs Aamir Khan war has been fought time and over now since the past 14 years. Surprising there has been no clear winner because both SRK and Aamir Khan are hugely popular in Bollywood, with... Read >
Author: arunraj v.s.

Dating in Different Cultures

08th October 2007
Hi, I was wondering through your research if you found a significant difference in people from different cultures when it comes to relationships? As in their values and the way they see how relationships should be. I'm particularly interested in people wh... Read >
Author: Dennis Neder
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