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Speaking Voice Exercises to Develop a Deep Bass Voice

08th January 2010
More often than not, how you say something is more noticeable-and more important-than what you say when you are talking. Yes, it may seem strange, but this holds true in almost every situation. Particularly, your voice often has more impact than your mess... Read >
Author: Greg Mascetani

Psytrance Abelton Live Tutorial

06th October 2009
We take a look at building up a basic Psytrance groove using Ableton Live, then show you how this powerful program can help you work you psytrance loops into basic track ideas. We've used Nuborn's Psytrance Samples Vol 2 pack as a fast way to build our gr... Read >
Author: Mark Spacey

How to make a Phat dubstep Reece lead line - Secrets Revealed.

16th July 2009
Dubstep, techno and drum and bass engineers will at some point need a heavy Reece bass for there next dance floor track. The Reece bass is the classic 'dirty bass' sound. From the more subtle terrorist Reece to the hardcore alien girl Reece they all have ... Read >
Author: Oliver Brown

Home Audio Speakers from Choice Select

20th February 2007
Looking for excellent sounding home audio speakers at reasonable prices? Have you ever tried Choice Select? Choice Select is a product line of speakers, accessories, and consumer electronic products. You'll find Choice Select speakers in numerous homes... Read >
Author: Skywalker
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