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TESDA Scholarship and Student Assistance Program

15th June 2010
TESDA Scholarship and Student Assistance Program Private Education Students Financial Assistance Program has been established through Section 8 of 8 R.A No. 8545 otherwise known as the Expanded Government Assistance to students and Teachers in Private ... Read >
Author: Paul

Offshoring Call Centers in Cebu, Philippines: Why Companies Are Doing This

13th May 2009
The Philippines has always been the top choice for overseas outsourcing companies compared to other Asian countries because of its World-class English proficiency, affinity for U.S. culture, highly skilled workforce, strong work ethic, consultative and cu... Read >
Author: trafficsupportdotnet

Destination India - A Legal Synopsis

09th November 2005
DESTINATION INDIA A LEGAL SYNOPSIS By: Alishan Naqvee LexCounsel, Law Offices, New Delhi E-mail: anaqvee@lexcounsel-india.com CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Entry Strategy 2.1 Legal Entity 2.2 Options for C... Read >
Author: Alishan Naqvee
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